Aquarius May 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-04-23, 3428 views

This May will be somewhat of a rollercoaster for you, with loads of ups and downs, most of them connected with how you feel emotionally but also with the levels of energy and how much rest you are getting.

Don’t miss the chance to be admired for what you do as it seems this is not a time for modesty or for lying low. You might find that this alleviates a lot of the tension that you have been feeling lately and it also gives your confidence a boost.

There will be days that are suitable for meditation and days in which you can create things, whether with your hands or with your mind. Luckily, this May will ensure you are always in good company and there won’t be many moments in which to be bored.

Oh, happy times

Your morale is picking up during the first week of May as you seem to have a little bit more free time than usual. You will probably spend it on your friends and family, which is obviously a wise choice.

It may be noisy, it may be overwhelming but surely, it will help you remember where you come from and perhaps give you some pointers as to where you are heading.

In general, you seem very comfortable with yourself and might overcome some worries you have been harboring for a while. Long term partners are going to play an important role in this but don’t imagine they will do the work for you.

You can count on someone older from the family to help you out with a sensitive and practical issue around the 10th.

Now it’s time for stress

The tables are turning for a bit as we are approaching the middle of the month and you might find that you need to deal with some urgent matters at work. This might make you feel slightly overwhelmed but not to such an extent as to feel you can’t handle them.

This might be made worse by your health, perhaps the flu or something else going on. Documents to be signed and decision to be made might end up keeping you awake at night.

Luckily, you don’t let yourself distracted, perhaps because the stakes are quite high and perhaps because you have your batteries recharged from the previous week.

You are returning to an old habit that relaxes you, perhaps playing a sport or another activity that involved your friends as well.

Emotional help

Venus is not letting the guard down and will have you deal with someone else’s emotional problems around the 20th.

On one hand this will be quite exciting for you because it will wake up your nurturing side. On the other hand, you might overstep the normal boundaries and this might get yourself into a difficult situation.

And in this case it is not necessarily what you say or do but how it is interpreted on the other side. The person you are dealing with is quite vulnerable at this moment and this is why you are sort of advised to take a step back.

Not to mention the fact that all of these interactions are going to leave you so charged that you might end up in your own emotional conundrum. This period is not very productive in terms of thinking about own decisions.

Turning tables

You will be somewhat forced to spend a lot more time than usual around the house and it is not excluded that what will start off as a necessity, to turn into something else altogether, as you decide to make some extra changes.

Be it that you are resolving chores you have avoided for a long time or that you fix something and then start a whole remodeling process, this is something that seems to keep you satisfied with yourself.

It is quite interesting how life gives you something to keep busy exactly at a time you needed it, even if at first, this won’t come as good news.

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