Aquarius May 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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This May, the stars are likely to be on your side, despite the fact that the actual signs are not going to be that obvious. Career is best aspected whilst in your personal life there may still be things you will need to wait up for.

The protector of air signs, Mercury will take care of your finances and will not let you suffer any losses, however, it is up to you to do your research and try to make decisions based on facts.

The word of caution this month, especially with the approach of the summer, is to try not to act frivolously, especially when at work or in the company of people you very much respect.

There may be moments in which you will try to pursue activities that are only for your sole betterment but you may encounter some resistance, perhaps from family members. Your sense of justice will prevail and you will ensure that they are in the know with all the arguments why you should be pursuing your plans.


Astrological aspect of the month: With Mercury arriving in Taurus around the 13th, critical and practical thinking are benefited. You appear to think differently about the resources you have at hand and what you can do with them.

Leave some time aside for reflection

During the first half of the month you may encounter some communication difficulties in your couple, with arguments firing up from apparently innocent discussions.

Previous topics of frustration and discontent will surface and you may be in danger of being accused of things you have not done.

Some sources of gossip might also give you a hard time around the 7th, but luckily, you will have the wits to dodge them, without needing to lower yourself to the level of those people. You may still feel easily irritable and will not be able to truly justify your behaviour.


TOP TIP of the month: The Jupiter Neptune trine on the 19th will stimulate your compassion and your care for your peers. You feel the need to see everyone working towards their greatest potential.

Starting the 19th, with Venus arriving in Cancer, you may find that your relationship with your own emotions will be enhanced.

You will show even more compassion than you already show and will put your imagination to great use. Your highest goals will be linked to helping others.

On top of this the Jupiter Neptune trine will invite you towards reflection and getting in touch with your spiritual side.

Some natives may feel slightly overwhelmed by this influence and will try to downplay it, perhaps by seeking to spend their time engaging in entertaining activities. But how many shows can you watch and how much time can you spend hanging out with your friends? At some point or another, they will need to face their own minds.


Enhance: This May is a great month for strengthening foundations, especially when your interests are centred towards the domestic aspects of life. Have a think about the next steps and be reasonable with how much time you allocate for them.

A little caution at work

Week commencing the 21st, things are going to sweeten up at work as the Sun enters the seventh house and is placed in a harmonious aspect with Mercury.

You are flirty but in the appropriate limits. This will of course be a great time for negotiations and for creating legal documents or other types of contracts.

On the other hand, it doesn’t seem like you are putting more effort in work than usually, on the contrary, it may be that you are relying more on your closest colleagues.

This is also a good time for those unemployed to seek help in obtaining the perfect job. It may be that it is right under your nose but you need a slight push in that direction.


Watch out! Stay away from being bitter and from commenting and gossiping at work, even in key moments when you may feel that you have been wronged. Anything you say this month may be brought against you.

Whilst the stars will benefit those taking new activities on board, the only word of caution refers to how you approach the rather theoretical aspects.

There may be moments in which you will think to yourself that “you got it” and it may not be the case. Don’t rely too much on past experience, because there are high chances for things to have changed and if so, you will either be in for a nasty surprise or delays are going to take place.

Some may rush into opportunities just because they want to prove those close how bold and courageous they are. Should you not be in for the right reasons, you will then feel that the work is harder than you had expected.

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