Aquarius May 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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Dear Aquarius, do expect a harmonious month in most aspects of your life. However, this is not to say that you can chill and let life and those around you do everything.

On the contrary, you will be expected to play an active part in everything that happens and will be one of the main drivers of good mood, warmth and understanding.

Around the middle of the month you might come across a rather difficult situation though and your actions may be misinterpreted. Don’t let everything and everyone down just because your feelings have been hurt and you’ve been judged wrongly.

But things are changing for the better part of the month, when you will feel that everything is only milk and honey in love!

Also be careful about how much you take on your plate at work, not to end up on the brink of exhaustion. You will get material benefits this month and it could be gifts, bonuses or bonuses. In any case, luck is on your side in financial terms in May.

May highlights

Be careful about any gossiping at the start of the month because you don’t want to make others feel bad or even offend them. You are quite sentimental about certain things but prefer to keep them hidden from those around.

You will also have a few outwardly ideas to gain more money and with the Mercury conjunct Uranus aspect forming on the 8th, be sure that you will be quite bold about trying to make them happen.

Some natives may also be able to capitalize on their savings and will be very pleased with their activities and with how stable they can become.

Around the middle of the month, you will have a favourable conclusion in your family on a domestic matter and you will not feel the need to invest more effort into that. Upon taking this stone off your chest, even communications in the family will be less tense.

During the second half of May you may find yourself a lot more sentimental and quick to react emotionally to what is happening around you. You will feel the need to protect others and speak for them, especially if their rights are not being respected.

Some excesses may come to play and you will have a hard time staving off temptation, especially after the 27th. The stars will bring a lot of spontaneity in your life during this period and this will end up being both a source of fun and nuisance.

Aquarius love horoscope for May

This month you will have some interesting aspects in some important astrological houses of yours, meaning that the activity on the love and domestic front will be intensified and so will your emotions.

You will be rather emotional, melancholic and even tormented by some past decisions as the Sun is transiting your fourth home of family and domestic affairs and Mercury resides in your fifth house of love for an important part of May.

The single natives might end up being the most affected by the above aspects, especially as confusion may arise and they won’t really feel like they know the person they are interested in.

There is a lot to gamble in love so they should expect some agitation because of this. However, to balance it all, it seems that a trusty old friend may be in close proximity, to help alleviate the doubts and overall drama.

Looking at things from another perspective, despite some misunderstandings at the beginning of the month, the family can have a positive impact on your couple's life. Or, if you are single, you could get acquainted with a particularly attractive person at a family reunion.

Towards the end of the month it seems like the atmosphere relaxes in your sentimental life, and you seem to find the solution to get yourself out of numbness.

Many Aquarius - whether celibate or married - may feel a strong incentive to experience something new in love. Some will only be content with innocent games and flirting, others may sway in all sorts of parallel relationships, just to get that kick they so much desire.

Career progress this month

It's your season, Aquarius, and your inner rebel finally emerges. What kind of job do you want? What career goals do you set? The stars will favour you in this period. Follow your professional instincts.

Work is your main concern, perhaps even in the background of health problems that require additional expenses. It is possible to change a lot in your life because of the job, including moving to another place or needing frequent travel.

There may also be pleasant surprises from friends or relatives who come up with interesting suggestions, from which many good things can come out in the future.

From the 24th onwards there may be all sorts of strange things about the money that you should get, some money you might lose or debts that you will never have returned.

Be careful, because this May, there will be a couple of days in which you will tend to spend more than you can afford, relying on fantasies, unrealistic hopes, or providential help that has emerged before.

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