Aquarius May 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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In May Aquarius natives will feel overwhelmed by emotions because of impressive news. They will be with their head in the clouds most of the month and will not be able to think of important things such as work.

This month you devote all to your family's attention. Spend quality time together and manage to connect to a much deeper level. In addition, time spent together helps you solve a number of older issues.

Mothers will have some problems in May with their partner. It is very possible that you will reach separation, but you do not have to be upset about this, but you must understand that nothing lasts forever.

Analyze the situation and think about where you went wrong so that you don't make the same mistakes in the future. A pretty interesting but tricky month for Aquarius, but at the end of it things will look much better.

May 2020 highlights

With the help of the Sun benefactor, the month of May will bring you leadership skills. Aquarius is a sign based on modesty, so you shouldn't be afraid you might look arrogant.

Your colleagues and family will feel that there is indeed something special about your ideas and you will present them with such great conviction that you will attract anyone to your side, even your greatest critics.

Take advantage of this time that stimulates your confidence to improve your relationships, after all, social contact is what makes us human, even at a distance, during the hard times we are living.

In May, Aquarius will have harmony in all areas. However, it is important to take care of the family. One of the members will have problems and it will be up to you to help him or her. You have to avoid judgment, this will only push people away from you.

Advice for key dates in May:

Around the 3rd: Enjoy domestic harmony at home and be more understanding;

Around the 7th: No need to seek excuses for things you really enjoy doing;

Around the 16th: Be mindful of your actions and words because you might end up in a sticky situation;

Around the 22nd: Some lucky days, perhaps it’s time to play the lottery;

Around the 27th: Don’t rush into any decisions, no matter how much you trust your collaborators.

Aquarius love horoscope for May

A pretty quiet month is announced, especially in the first week. It seems that the Sun, the master of the house of the Aquarius couple, urges by his position to an intimate life and more withdrawn from the eyes of the world.

The focus is on feeling, emotion, family and home. Benefits also appear through the transit of Mercury into the house of love, starting with the 11th. The atmosphere is invigorating, and you will show tendencies towards flirtation, playful attitude, being open to challenges and communication.

Towards the end of the month, things converge on adventure, sensuality, romance and passion, as the Sun enters the house of love.

You feel the need to establish a solid foundation, and your interests are focused on the home and family. Don't be sensitive and intolerant, it will make it difficult for others to understand.

Spend time alone and ask yourself if you are in harmony with everyone. The attitude is generally optimistic. Dare to bravely tackle some of your projects in the past.

Old patterns of behavior can encourage arguments that may not make sense. You might feel irritated and not know why. Prevent unnecessary disagreements by keeping calm and mature in thought. Understanding oneself is essential.

Career and finances

The time spent with a person they recently met will be so beneficial to Aquarius that they will not realize it. It is possible to start a new partnership but to admit it will be a long way.

Major financial returns could occur in the first ten days of the month. Be cautious and spend carefully, avoiding unfunded investments and making fraudulent returns.

Relationships with the immediate surroundings are very surprising. It is possible to break away from some close ones, give up the common plans with these people, or approach some that you didn't even want to hear until recently. It is time to choose your surroundings carefully.

Keep only those people who have proven themselves sincere and on the same wavelength with you. Short-distance trips will be highlighted throughout May. It is also possible to get involved in various training or retraining programs.

As all forms of communication are distorted it is good not to force things and to speak only the strictly necessary. Caution is recommended in relationships with friends and supporters in the socio-professional segment.

Wellbeing in May

The second month of Spring (and the season of Taurus) brings a preoccupation for domesticity and stability, for home and family to all Aquarius, although some may fight these astrological impulses.

Normally, you are a sociable and outward-oriented sign, but this time of year is to dedicate time to being alone, away from those in the social circle. The peak of spring means a meditative time for you, in which to look inside and secure the foundation of your thoughts for the next couple of months.

It is also an excellent time to spend quality time with your loved ones, make renovations and beautify your home.

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