Aquarius May 2021 Monthly Horoscope

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In May 2021, you’re going to focus on family and home affairs, while the power of love will be upon you. Until the 20th, Taurus’s energies will shake your relationships at home.

Make sure you’re not rushing into anything, also that you remain flexible. From the 5th, Mercury in Gemini is going to support your communication, so you’ll be able to easily solve disagreements.

For the entire month, you’re hyperactive at work and your everyday life as well. Saturn in Aquarius, your sign, for the 2nd decan, and together with Jupiter right until the 13th, are going to have you being more tenacious when making efforts, charismatic and eager to evolve according to your merits.

It would be a good idea for you to take advantage of such positive influences. Starting with the 14th, the planet Jupiter will already be in your income sector, whereas from the 21st, Gemini brings promises of intense love encounters. Whether single or with someone, you will be transported by love.

May 2021 Highlights

Aquariuses are usually their strongest rivals, so in May, they need to trust their inner voice and not allow any obstacle to limit their personality. It is for them, a great period for expanding and doing what makes them happy.

If they follow their hearth, they will be happy for the entire year. The planets will be agitated and create a movement that will cause new needs to appear in the Water Bearers’ environment.

You will be patient and able to accomplish some of your projects more rapidly that you were expecting. Some situations will require you to be more stable and realistic from time to time, hindering your progress.

The month’s last weeks will be the best for Aquariuses because tensions will be brought to a minimum. You will be able to assert what’s going on in your mind and heart when it comes to everyday life matters, and this will be helpful for taking a direct position when trying to make yourself be understood and share enriching information.

It will be as if you’re building very fast and making your dreams come true firmly, so May will be a month in which prosperity will improve in all aspects of Aquariuses’ life.

Aquarius Love Horoscope for May

Since 2021 is a year of loud changes, most Aquariuses are going to make in May very important decisions as far as their affective life and relationships go. Those of them who don’t will become very bored with the daily routine in their love life, whereas others will go through a few crises.

In case you haven’t made any effort to correct some imbalances recently, your relationship may be at risk of becoming obsolete. Some separations will happen, and mistrust will be the word of the day.

If you want to keep your partner by you side, don’t allow such separation to put a gap between you and your other half. Be at all times sincere and try to maintain a good mood.

Aside from some disagreements at home, you are sure to be illuminated by love this month. Gemini, which belongs to the same Air element as you, will send beneficial energies for your naughty side to come to the surface.

In case you have been married for some time, expect to go on a second honeymoon. Mars comes with its possessive yet delicate dynamism, so don’t hesitate to experience with your own sensuality.

Decide to keep your partner away from conflicts until the 20th. Pay attention to your inner voice and share your wisdom with your other half.

Starting with the 21st, Mercury, Venus and the Sun, make your feelings more intense. When the month will end, you will be more loving and ready for complicity.

Career and Finances Horoscope

As far as work goes, Aquariuses didn’t have the best time, so they’re apathetic and unmotivated in May. They need to take long walks to ensure their mental is in order.

In April, they started thinking about their work relationships and if they should continue working for the same company. This is why the month of May brings them many changes, opening doors that needed to be opened for the natives’ professional life to improve.

If they decide to go through those doors or not, it’s only up to them. However, this decision is going to be very important for their future and the direction they’re taking when it comes to their career.

At the end of May, they will already be determined to go one way, so it’s very likely they will sign a contract that will bring them a new job and plenty of satisfaction.

Your Wellbeing This Month

Aquariuses need to not give importance to minor problems if they want to not end up suffering from serious disease. Their nervous system needs special attention because it’s more delicate in this time period in which Uranus is so much influencing their sign directly.

Water Bearers who are studying, have a computer or intellectual job and need to sit at a desk when at work, will need to improve their posture because their spine may cause them pain and a lot of discomfort. It would be great if they could join yoga classes.

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