Aquarius May 2022 Monthly Horoscope

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Dear Aquarius, you will get the movement that you want because May is the month of transformation and change. Emotionally and professionally, things are going to move, and you won’t be in only one place.

This is the best time for you to pursue one of your goals or start a new project. Starting with the 11th, you will only enterprise promising actions, gain a good reputation, and value your seriousness and duty sense.

You are always comparing yourself to other people because you have a competitive spirit, so you can’t be blamed for it. Pay attention, as there will be some envy interfering with your everyday life. There are better things for you to do than gossiping. Around May 19th, there will be a new love situation appearing, one in which you need to believe is right.

May 2022 Highlights

This month, there will be signs sending to the importance of home affairs and family. To begin with, there most planets are going to be under the map’s horizon. Those above are going to be retrograde. This 4th House is going to be your map’s strongest.

And for more, on the 15th, the Moon is also going to be in the same House. Without any doubt, domestic, family, as well as psychological matters are going to dominate the whole month. While there will be problems associated with these, the planets will also offer their help a lot.

If you want to rearrange or move furniture, or to solve a family dispute, then you need to heal the past traumas, and especially the ones from your early life, to resolve the depression you have had. Beyond limits, Venus is going to show that you’re going to make steps outside the normal orbit, trying to reach some domestic and psychological solutions.

On May 15th, the Moon is going to be of great help and bring you the info you need in order to make the best decisions. You will progress from both a psychological and domestic point of view. You will also make some great efforts to come across the comfort zone of your emotions, which will be considered your greatest acquisition.

You might even get a promotion or win an important prize. Inner discovery will help you remain healthier for the entire life. For many years, you’re going to think that you have depressive thoughts because you lack freedom, or because your personal desires are put on hold. This is half true.

At least you have been free in the past 2 years and didn’t master your freedom, so there might be a bigger problem at the bottom. Take your time to discover this problem. Added to the children, creativity, fun, and domestic situation, there will be added many other interests.

In the month’s beginning, love is going to be stormy, yet on May 15th, the Moon is going to help you clarify facts. You won’t be synchronizing with your partner, but at least you two will remain together. Later, you will have a more harmonious and happier romantic life.

Your connection will improve, and you will solve the disputes that you have. Single Aquarians are going to find love closer to home, perhaps with someone who’s as interested in psychology as they are, or perhaps with a person they have met while working at home.

Later in the month, love is going to come their way if they take part in a creative project of if they attend entertaining parties. Children might play the Cupid part as well.

Until May 21st, relax and rest more. Use the stones of your sign, the scents and the colors. Massage your ankles and feet with regularity. After this date, you will have increased vitality and go through a festive time. In case you are a communicator or a writer, you will gain more inspiration after this date.

Aquarius Love Horoscope for May

There will be times when you will take years just to admit how valuable and important the love moments in your life are. During May, your romantic relationship won’t be easy. There will be days in which you won’t feel comfortable with your partner, so you will go through moments of tensions, doubts, and crises.

But at least there will be some good times waiting for you as well. Be good, act tactful and with delicacy, as you can improve or change the situation. In the month’s beginning, your mood is going to be positive. There will be plenty of time for you to rest with your partner.

Mid-month, there might be some new conflicts and other misunderstandings with the one you’re in love with, but these won’t influence you in a negative way, not to mention harmony is meant to reign again.

Thanks to Venus’s help, you will be patient enough, as well as energetic enough, to look for the most constructive solutions. Most of the time, you will make efforts trying to improve your relationship, which is meant to be happy and harmonious during the month’s last days.

There will be a positive trend that will last long for as long as you don’t forget to keep your relationship alive and respect your obligations in the meantime. May’s beginning will be for Aquarians very lively and positive.

As a result of the constellation that’s favorable, during the 1st to 7th of May phase, you will have the love stars shining on you, so you will go through stimulating and magical moments. This is a trend that’s going to be stable in May.

You will have a good self-esteem, as well as plenty of opportunities for flirting and maybe meeting your other half. Venus will be with you each time you will try to find your love. Mid-month, the situation will be more suspenseful, so expect a surprise. Towards the month’s end, you will be in shape enough to have fun with the people you care about.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Mars entering the 2nd House of the Aquarius on the 13th favours attaining financial resources. However, it might also encourage the participation in all sort of investments that are risky. Neptune in the 2nd House favours the idealized and unrealistic perspective.

The dwarf planet Ceres in the 2nd House is indicating how the native is more interested to cultivate any long-term project, in spite of preferring fast results, with Mars in the 2nd House.

When it comes to labor, Mercury entering the 6th House of the sign, on the 28th, is constituting the astrological position that’s beneficial for those exploring the new options for employment. In the same manner, the planet Mercury in the 6th House is facilitating the development of all sorts of new systems of organizing workspaces and tasks.

New routines and scheduling events are also focused when it comes to the optimization of time. Take note that Mercury, the communication’s planet will be in retrograde in the 6th House, from the 18th to the 12th, so you should pay enough attention to what has been labored and the issues arising in May.

There will also be the planet Venus in obvious retrogression in the 5th House of Aquarius, starting with the 13th. It will indicate some creative blockages and difficulties when it comes to expressing oneself, plus restructuring any initiative.

As Mercury is going to pass through the 5th House of the Aquarius starting with the 11th and until the 28th, the Sun is going to enter the same House on the 20th, so the native is going to use plenty of logic to formulate the most pertinent modifications, as well as find the constructive approach when it comes to challenges being presented.

The New Moon in the sign of Gemini on the 22nd, is also going to touch the Aquarius’s 5th House, so there will have to be left a window open for the ideas to be made successful, as well as starting new plans. A new astrological event to be considered, for the month of May is Full Moon in the sign of Scorpio, on the 7th.

This is going to happen over the 10th House of the Water Bearer, bringing more clarity when it comes to long-term work goals and how the life mission should be approached. For the Aquarius natives, the direct trajectory beginning of Juno in the 9th House is speaking of remaining committed to academia, in spite of the adverse circumstances.

This is a month in which you will properly manage your emotions, something that’s making the native stronger in the long run.

Focus on what emotions you have and manage them in a correct manner, as this month, your emotions are what are making you weak. If you need, get professional help to help you overcome your emotions. Try eating vegetables and fruits. Lower the intake of meat, and especially red meat.

Your Wellbeing This Month

Possessing plenty of vigor, people born in Aquarius are going to enjoy the month of May with all its aspects. Those of them who want to detox their body are going to lose weight and achieved all their goals without making a lot of effort.

Either way, they will be in very good health, do well, and lead a life in order, sleep for at least 7 hours every day, and rest during the weekends. They will forget about any obligation and relax. They need to use their free time to meet with friends and be distracted.

May is an ideal month for them to start improving the cardiovascular system, especially if they have varicose veins or suffer from the heavy legs syndrome.

Going for walks would be of very much help for them. Don’t allow your everyday obligations to dominate what’s happening with your life. Be calm and keep your inner balance, relax some more, and allow your nervous system to unwind.

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