Aquarius May 2023 Monthly Horoscope

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Whilst at first this month may seem like you are making slow progress, you will surely demonstrate to those doubting you that you are capable of seizing all sorts of opportunities.

You will be given the will to not allow any setback to discourage you. With the support of the stars, you are going to be feeling comfortable with everyone and everywhere you might be going. You will have the luck smiling back at you, together with the feeling of having control.

Unluckily, starting with the 16th there seems like the atmosphere is going to be changing. People will demand more of you. Being tougher will not only save you some time, but on the opposite side.

You need to be taking advantage of the dangers present if you want to determine what’s wrong so that you can fix things. Starting with May 21st you will react so positively that all rejections and tensions will no longer be that intense.

May 2023 Highlights

If starting with the 9th and until the 19th, you will want to show your most seductive role, you will only be right with what you are trying to do. The season will be just for this sort of prevalence.

With the planet Venus being present in the sign of Gemini, it will be a delight for you to be desired. Venus in this sign is very capable of making you act like an adolescent, which is fine because you will be naughty and very open to play with your own emotions once more.

You will laugh, have fun, and be exhilaratingly teasing, so the sunny days are announcing themselves to get closer. Starting with the 4th of May and until the 10th, there will be created some social ties, and the occasions will be awesome.

All in all, Aquarians are going to be doing some miracles when it comes to behaving in society because their neurons are simply going to be rekindled. Perhaps they have missed their vocation of getting hired in diplomacy.

Would this be the only condition for them to take advantage most of the planet Mercury in the sign of Gemini. In other words, Aquarius, make yourself available. Starting with May 10th and until May 19th, the planet Venus in the sign of Gemini will speak of your sense of humor, ability to entertain, and intelligence.

After May 20th, the atmospheres will be multiplied, as you will meet new people, change your occupation, and even put on some brand-new clothes. With the Sun’s presence in the sign of Gemini, you will not get bored at all, as this placement adores diversity.

By the 11th of May, the Sun in Taurus will disagree with Saturn and Uranus, reminding you more than often that you shouldn’t force fate this period. The sky will become obstructed, and in case Aquarius keeps on insisting, then things might even become disastrous.

Keep on telling yourself that things aren’t that bad and that you need a session of catching up. Between 11th and the 21st of the same month, thanks to the presence of Mercury in the sign of Gemini, the way out will be overcoming debates, being reasonable, more adaptable, and perhaps more sensitive. These are the best ideas that you should apply to your situation fast.

Aquarius Love Horoscope for May

In case you are looking into projecting your loves in time, stop being everywhere and then nowhere. See what a calm life has to offer and don’t overwhelm your existence with evil.

Since astral dissonances are going to be present as well, you will be present all the time, and this will cause congestion. Therefore, take some distance to resolve all your doubts. Make a compromise and there won’t be any reproach from your partner’s side.

You will be charismatic and work real wonders with this charisma of yours. You will meet people and feel easy about it, but they will all be fleeting. In case you are looking into having a relationship in the long run, be more expressive from an emotional point of view.

If this is possible for you, accept limitations by carrying a smile on your face. Speaking from a general point of view, couples are going to be getting along perfectly. The projects involving the work of two people will be advantageous, and some couples will discover there are many great things occurring if they are working in tandem.

Either way, the spouse’s support will be incredibly useful. Singles, expect this movement in the sky to treat you. The accent will be put on love life, provoking crushes that are of great importance. For some of the Aquarius natives, it will be that meeting they have been expecting for some time.

With Mercury in this aspect, you are going to deserve animation in your couple life. Those Aquarians who happen to be in a couple will take their chances to love, discuss, and argue as well. All in all, you will not be bored next to the person you’re with.

Singles, you will have some sudden changes in your feelings, or the desire to be playing with your attachments. Those relationships that have been formed will, in conclusion, remain to be unstable.

This means you won’t be doing anything in the direction of consolidating them, as you will want more than anything else to have fun. You are going to live every day to the maximum, not thinking about what’s going to happen next.

Career and Finances Horoscope

In case you are interested in doing just what you like, then find out that in the month of May, you need to seize any opportunity. This should happen especially between May 1st and May 7th. After, things might take the course they are on.

After May 16th, they will be more complicated. However, the complications won’t be impossible to surmount. In case you are a pragmatic with circumstances and what they are dictating, then things are going to be just fine. However, if you are struggling to just impose your own ideas, then disappointment should be expected.

When it comes to finances, then know this sector won’t be tight yet. However, try to leave cheaper. If you do, then you will be back on track more easily. The tension can indeed be eased by taking things step by step and pursuing goals gradually.

Don’t expect anything bright to happen with your professional prospects in the following month. Despite your real efforts being invested, you won’t be gaining as much as you have been looking to gain. There will be some events that won’t favor this realization.

Traveling will as well not deliver what it has been expected of it, though you might gain some if you go West. It’s very likely that your contacts won’t be able to help you by much. Thus, you should rely on your own skills and efforts.

The period won’t be too favorable, so you should be skilful when handling situations that are difficult. The signs won’t be encouraging when it comes to financial prospects, as the stars won’t be favoring it.

Most natives might discover that they are working very hard and struggle to make achieve their goals. In the meantime, they might not be getting anywhere because some adverse circumstances will be in their way.

On top of everything, there won’t be an encouraging climate when it comes to expanding operations or launching a new venture. Those practicing the arts, such as sculptors, painters, poets, and writers should be more inclined to learn their spell better.

Your Wellbeing This Month

Some lifestyle pursuits might have a rough unfolding in the month that’s coming because the stars won’t necessarily be in a mood that’s favorable, most Aquarians will need to be struggling to achieve their goals. There won’t be any help added to your situation, as you will be too self-assertive and stubborn, which will make learning rather difficult.

Thus, you need to resist being headstrong and self-assertive. Those in accountancy, journalism, and the arts will need to make some extra efforts to have their rankings in the group or the class maintained.

You mustn’t allow any adverse circumstance to be demoralizing you. Instead, you need to be persevering and move further with your efforts. The month will be one in which you will register rather increased gains if you are traveling, and these gains will be rather promising, as the stars will remain optimistic in this direction.

Most natives might travel quite a bit to pursue their official businesses and reach a success level with their efforts. Most their journeys will be by road or rail, but some air travel is not excluded either.

Further, there’s the increased likelihood of going to a foreign country and take advantage there of some gains in a specific work line. Some might as well travel to have fun, so they might be going on holiday with their family.


The stars will give your health their blessing for the month. You mustn’t worry about anything when it comes to this. Your system will benefit from the foods you are consuming, giving you back your good health.

This means you will have a healthy mind in a healthy body. You will have plenty of energy and remain active. Those Aquarians who possess some generative powers will receive the surprise of discovering they’re better at healing than they usually were.

An infection of the respiratory system should be immediately treated. If this will be done, there will be no need to worry. Postponing treatment will bring about difficulties. This means you must pay attention to minor care.

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