Aquarius November 2015 Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-10-22, 2185 views

Feeling the chances brings you career benefits. Mercury transiting Scorpio between November 2 and November 20 has the merit for good chances for your image. At bottom, what the Aquarius November 2015 monthly horoscope indicates is that you might use intuition in discovering what people expect from an authority figure or from a social exponent.

Either your actual position is a leading one or a subordinate one, the above mentioned planetary transit enables you to understand the subtle reasons of power and, eventually, to use them for advantages in your career.

Freedom burdened by cloudy times

Just a little piece of advice I want to offer you: don’t profit of people’s hidden weaknesses you can perceive for your own growth.

Tense aspects on mutable signs means conflicts between your well-known desire for freedom of movement and expression, at one hand, and worries and unrealistic approach to money, on the other hand.

I think it’s a clue there and you might reach to it by answering several questions: what emotions drive you towards this search for freedom?

Mind the consequences

What exactly do you expect to achieve acting in your own way? How will your particular way of express freedom of thinking or freedom of movement affect your friendships or other social connections? I guess it’s all about values. If some discrepancies appear in your answers, think twice of your freedom and give it the proper value and then, the proper meanings for you.

The most confusing time regarding this issue of value you give to freedom versus the value of friendships is to occur during the last decade of the month. Then you will have to face the truth and maybe some restrictive circumstances will show the unpleasant consequences of your unrealistic options.

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