Aquarius November 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-10-22, 6277 views

It seems that the stars are testing your patience this November and are going to push your limit exactly in those life areas where you have to improve. It seems that you are well aware of your weak points so not everything that happens will come as a surprise.

This awareness that you have also helps you channel energy and doesn’t allow you to get blocked at the first signs of trouble. You should however listen to your intuition and not be too stubborn when it comes to some changes in your life.

Financial matters may pressure you, especially in the first half of November but if you take a closer look, you may find that not all is as difficult.

Love time

You are going to be impatient in love this November and no matter how much your partner will try to steer your attention in their direction, you will be quite distracted.

This also means you are putting a lot more emphasis on novelty rather than what you already have and you will overall, be unhappy with how things are going for you.

Single natives on the other hand are going to benefit from better auspices and might even get the chance to go on multiple dates with the same person. Interesting to see if this will becomes something of long term or will only keep them warm this month.

Your health struggles

You are struggling to keep your indulging at bay and it seems that your sweet tooth is going to become notorious amongst those close.

You are sort of enlisting everyone around you to protect you from your cravings and surprising enough, some people are actually going to get on board with this.

Perhaps it is going to be fun for them to help you with this but once they realize that your self control is very weak, they are likely to let you to your own devices. Whilst you should be praised for trying to keep healthy, you have no excuse for giving up that easy.

Behind the scenes at work

Whatever happens behind closed doors will remain there this month and it seems that this can go either way for you. Let me explain: if you are the one trying to remain discrete about some plans, be sure you can trust those who you are working with.

But if you are on a different barricade and are trying to find out what is going on with a particular project, be sure you are going to hit a brick wall. This will make you become creative with how you source your information, thus helping you overall, but on this occasion, you won’t have any luck.

Some natives may find that some debt they have been ignoring for a while is now piling up and will try to pay it as soon as possible. This might trigger a financial effort that span beyond one family’s boundaries.

Social life

You are not going to be allowed to neglect your friends this November as this is going to be one very social month for you.

Whether you want it or not, you will have to go out when invited or else you will transmit the wrong signal. You may feel slightly pressured by this and frustration will amount.

The good news is that these meetings will be rather delightful and you will have such a good time in them that you will soon forget that even the thought of them bothered you initially.

You may even get to make some plans for December with a close friend and you will get a good deal because you book well in advance.

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