Aquarius November 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-10-21, 4669 views

This November will represent a month of spiritual and practical awakening for you, a chance to quietly rebel against the norm whilst learning a lot of things about yourself.

There won’t be any major transformations occurring in your life this month but if you are open to everything that is going on and if you try to stick as close as possible to where the action is, be sure that you will end the month with a heavy baggage of spiritual lessons.

During the first half of the month there will be several chances for you to express your uniqueness and your creativity and this will make you feel very good with yourself, a little vain as well. But if you bring new things in the lives of those around, I guess you deserve your moments of glory too.

Be careful to charge your batteries with these feelings as much as possible because the atmosphere will change during the second half of the month, where you will need to fight a little to have your ideas heard and your vision put in practice.

It may be that you will get the chance to interact with people who are as special as you are, and this will put you in a rather uncomfortable and doubting position, but one where you can learn things about yourself and also get yourself to overcome such moments.

Challenging your beliefs

The first week of November will put you face to face with some issues you have never encountered at work before and you will be glad to try and find all sort of solutions. Whilst for some this would be terribly difficult and stressful, you seem to be up for the challenge.

Should all go well and as planned, be sure that you are going to receive the respect and appreciation of those around. There may be a thing or two to learn from these situations as well so be sure not to lose your head entirely with the praise and go through these lessons too.

Around the 8h, with the Jupiter Uranus quincunx aspect, you can be certain that your life principles will be questioned, and you will get to spend some time wondering if the beliefs you are building your life on are correct.

This is one of those times when those who are working hard are questioning whether they are putting too much effort in their work and whether they are missing out on life because of this.

With Venus retrograde until the 16th, don’t expect too much romance going on unless you invest some effort into doing something nice for your significant other.

Your usual charms may not work magic like before but there is no need to worry because things will be back to normal in a short while.

Some partnership opportunities may surface around the 16th but you are not going to be as excited as everyone would expect you to be. On the contrary, during the second half of November you will prefer to work more on your own and you will approach cautiously any attempts at working in a team.

It may also be that you are trying to impose a personal rhythm of work and otherwise spend your time doing things you truly love.

A bit of tension may surface at work if people sense you have changed a little and you are not that revered team player anymore, but at the end of the day, if this makes you happy, then you are all right.

Very interested in others’ opinions

The Mars Jupiter square occurring on the 19th will make you very attractive to the opposite sex and will charge you with aggressive energy. But don’t worry, you are going to use this enthusiasm for good purposes and a little bit of vain bravado.

This is one of those moments when you are more inclined to stand up for others and to try and protect the weak. The only word of caution refers to trying not to be too impulsive because you may end up in situations that are too hot for you to handle.

The November 23rd Full Moon in Gemini will bring you strength and a bit of bravery but may also instil some new tension in your life. You may feel as if you are being observed and judged by those close to you and will not be very sure how to react to this.

If anything, your reliability will be tested and you will need to be careful not to say more than you mean or promise things you know you can’t deliver.

Some adjustments of your work schedule may also be required to accommodate some family commitments and you are not going to feel very comfortable with having to do this but luckily, the occasions will be pleasant and you will soon forget about these problems.

A fortunate alignment involving the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter will occur around the 27th, giving you this sense that your life is somewhat magic and that there are good things about to happen. It is important to build up on this mood and not let yourself disillusioned by anything.

The broad outlook you are ending the month with may help you see details you may have overlooked in the past or put the bigger picture in a different perspective, one that can bring some financial rewards the following month.

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