Aquarius November 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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The start of the month may bring in some resolution of an issue you have long had on your mind, most likely on the domestic or family plan. This means that some of the tension you may have been feeling recently will dissipate and you will get the chance to start fresh.

Not only will you be brighter in your thoughts but the world will start to see you in a different light soon too.

This is a year in which you are likely to receive recognition for what you have achieved and this could be in the form of public recognition, promotion at work or peer esteem. At the end of the month, you can see beneficial changes that could affect your financial position.

The Aquarius's horoscope emphasizes a love that blossoms initially around friends, but then sinks into mysteries more or less harmful. On top of this, as the month progresses to an end, professional combat and realism in financial matters will be of outmost importance.

November highlights

For the next couple of days expect much psychic power, due to Mercury's influence. You can process and assimilate a lot of information. However, you will not use this in your career.

The horoscope recommends that you dedicate the month to education, and not to the vain efforts of trying to make overnight progress. If you work very hard, you will master a new skill in time and even win a competition or something similar.

Around the middle of the month you may feel a little more emotional than usual and may come across some existential fears or questions you didn’t even know were lurking in your mind.

Be careful with your money as well and make sure you don’t spend it on things you don’t necessarily need. You may also be tempted to resolve conflicts by “buying” up the happiness of those close with gifts and favours.

The last week of the month will find you in a more confident and pragmatic mood, better at controlling yourself in relation to those around and also able to make consistent progress with your future plans.

Aquarius love horoscope for November 2019

This month you may feel as if you are allowing yourself to be completely driven by external forces and as if you are prevented from intervening in any way to change the direction in which things are going on, in terms of family or sentimental life.

Neither should you, because the results prove to be for your benefit anyways. If part of a couple, you want to free yourself from certain constraints, but if your initiatives are not viewed with good eyes by your other half, it is good to leave some time for thought.

Do not compromise and do not end everything in a major conflict. This is not the time for crazy decisions, however much you want to be surprising!

During the second half of the month you will be enjoying a beautiful and peaceful period on the sentimental level.

By the end of the month it is possible that the atmosphere between you and your partner may become very romantic even though you may also feel as if you are not being given enough attention.

You are a strong character so no need to let yourself be knocked down by anything imaginary. If you don't have a partner this month, being sociable will help you change your status faster.

Career and finances progress this month

Career wise, you are a good example for those around you this month, your skills being appreciated by most of those with whom you interact.

The determination you show when you are done doing something or the struggle to get your ideas into practice will give you a bonus in November!

On the skies, there is peace, a sign from the stars that you finally calm down.

You worked so hard, you overworked, you abused your powers, you raised the bar very high, but now the storm calms down and now you can see what has been left behind.

It does not mean that you will get bored this month - you are not the type to sleep your way through things anyway.

Towards the end of the month you may also be able to make a bold move you have long thought about and begin reaping the fruits of labour earlier than expected.

There is a beneficial state of peace, perhaps even of soul fulfilment, for all that you are doing, even though things can also get quite busy.

Health and wellbeing

You will be more focused on cultivating social relationships throughout the month, rather than on taking care of your health but this is not necessarily a bad thing, as the happier you are with your circumstances, the more relaxed you are.

Natives who have some check-ups scheduled should make sure that they attend those and don’t postpone them but shouldn’t worry too much about the results.

Also, towards the end of the month, with Venus moving into Capricorn, you become more attentive to the health of your partner and might even shame them if they don’t give up on their unhealthy habits.

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