Aquarius November 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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November may have you being too impulsive, so beware. Aquariuses will strongly want to spend all their money, so if you’re not paying attention to budgeting, you can get into serious trouble.

Don’t make any decision to buy something before thinking if you need it or not. In the situation in which you’re no longer keeping track of your money, things can escalate and become very ugly. Just buy what you need the most.

Mercury’s influence will have Aquariuses’ psychic abilities increase this November. You will be able to accumulate a lot of knowledge, but you won’t use this knowledge for your career.

Your Horoscope says you should dedicate this month to educating yourself, and to making efforts to advance at work. Professional athletes will do incredibly well.

November 2020 Highlights

More than anything, pay attention to money because you’re acting in a rather extravagant way. You will have a period free of worries, so it’s going to be tempting to spend a lot.

It’s good that you’ll be cunning enough to come across opportunities of increasing your income and gaining extra, not to mention all the activities you’re focusing on will end up being successes.

Your socio-professional life is evolving, and you can enjoy great relationships, Aquarius. Until November, the presence of the Sun in Scorpio helps you climb the professional later and make new business contacts, also because Mercury will be in Scorpio too, starting with the 11th and until the 30th.

Your ruler Uranus will shake things up in the family and home sectors, during the 1st decan, when you’ll have to be more understanding. Until the 21st, Venus will put an emphasis on your high ideals, whereas from the 22nd and until the 30th, you will be more charming than ever, something that will favor your path in life.

Mars in the sign of Aries makes you wittier, brings you opportunities for traveling, and favors your relationships with your neighbours. Be alert and use all your resources during the 2nd decan, when Neptune brings about confusion.

For the last 2 decans, you should be prepared for important changes because the Universe will send its heavyweights your way. Starting with the 22nd and until the 30th, focus on your projects and friendships. November will be a good month interrupted only by Uranus asking for you to adapt. Remain vigilant both at home and outside of it.

Aquarius Love Horoscope for November

If you want your love relationship to remain lively and your partner to be your accomplice, focus on freedom. Mars and Venus in Libra will have you feeling seductive, nicer and wanting to do things with your other half.

The presence of Uranus in Aries will influence you to be more active, to travel, come up with good ideas, and communicate better than ever. By enjoying your own freedom, you will feel more secure.

When it comes to the vision you have on love, Venus and Mars are going to broaden it, not to mention they will make you more sexually intense. November 1st fortnight will bring about many meeting, conferences and parties.

You will feel happy among other people regardless if you’re single or not, whereas lonely Aquariuses will discover they’re happier on their own.

However, the stars will no longer be so generous with them on the 15th. Water Bearers will become melancholic and depressed this day. They will grow to be overwhelmed by any abandonment, separation and hurtful affective encounter from their past, something that will mentally exhaust them.

There will be no romantic surprises for those Aquariuses who aren’t head over hills in love. These natives will focus on their studies and be mobilized as far as career goes. If they want their love life to flourish, they need to cultivate their relationship.

Some of them will meet their other half while traveling abroad. Their connection with Geminis will be affectionate and mature, correcting itself from any past damage. Cancers will not have enough time to focus on their Aquariuses crushes, seeing they’ll be too busy with work.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Mercury and the Sun in Scorpio will bring many difficulties, yet not for too long. You will have to be a diplomat and a professional. Momentum will be gained with the help of Venus and Mars in Libra, which will also make you more able to take initiative and to realize just when the timing is right for you to do anything.

Neptune in the sign of Pisces, present in the 2nd House of income, is going to keep you rather distracted at work. However, Aquarius natives will still be focused on the professional area. They should expect pleasant surprises as far as their income goes.

They will have great relationships with business partners and colleagues, so their professional future looks very good. Many of these Uranus’ children will also be given the chance to travel abroad or to be involved in all sort of cultural activities.

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