Aquarius November 2022 Monthly Horoscope

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Throughout November you put emotions over all else. Instead of being distressed, you will be doing quite the opposite, being always under pressure and ready for exploding. It will be difficult to control this pressure, but with luck, you will have a good conscience reminding you that everything needs order, so your behaviour is going to suddenly change.

Push your anger out into sport activities that can help you meditate. Towards the 21st, your astral sky is going to clear, glimpsing some light, and opportunities that you need to seize will appear. From a professional point of view, after a period that can be called difficult, you will need to be in control, make some efforts, and resurface some of your old projects.

November 2022 Highlights

The T-square discussed during the past month is going to continue forming. You need to keep things balance, to coordinate, as well as harmonize some aspects in your life, aspects that are going to be many. Just like during the past month, the conflicts you will be facing are going to be about career, family, love, friendships, the financial sector, and personal desires.

This T-square is going to be weakened around November 22nd, so things will get easier. However, the same T-square will be in effect for the entire month still. Just like during the past month, most planets will be over your horizon and the Water Bearer’s 10th House of profession, where it will remain strong. While you won’t be enthusiastic about it, people in your family will support you in your career.

Since you will do favors for those who are at the top, expect to get a promotion or an increase in salary. While your interests will be conflictual, they are at least going to dominate nothing else but the profession. Like in October, the planets will be grouped mostly in your chart’s Eastern sector, whereas Uranus, your ruler, will take up its direct movement on November 4th.

You will have your independence, self-confidence, and self-esteem getting stronger and stronger, at least stronger that they were last month. Chase after your goals. Make sure you remain happy and pleased, as if you happen to be like this, then the world is going to be the same. If you see tensions in your surroundings, then know these are only your dislikes.

There’s also a great trine in your native element the Air for the entire month, this being your sign’s sky. You will have your communication and intellectual skills improved, but these have already always been strong in you.

For November, there won’t be any planet in the Earth sign, so you will need to do your best in order to remain with your feet firmly on the ground and not float into the outer space. Your ideas will be wonderful, but you need to keep in mind they have practical consequences.

In the Air great trine there’s Neptune, your planet of money, which is going to now move forward and be in direct motion, bringing you some profits out of the blue, easy money, and plenty of opportunities. Money will improve not only your physical appearance, but also your eloquence. Cold money and prestige will complicate your finances via an inner conflict.

What do you give importance to? Think about what you want. Do you want to sacrifice money for fame and prestige, to earn less in order to have these things? Or you would things the other way around. Remain flexible and make some concessions.

While you will have a stronger financial judgment for the month, planets not being present in the element of Earth will complicate things. Analyze your lists of shopping and look at prices. Even better, wait for the next month to make some important purchases. Love will be happy for the month, and after the 22nd, even happier.

Until this date, you are attracted to powerful people and those who are your superiors, but this in a practical sense, seeing they will help you advance in your career. But after this fate, you will return to being idealistic as far as friendship, love, and camaraderie go.

Aquarius Love Horoscope for November

The time for building or rebuilding has arrived after your little fights with love. The stars will be good, as you are privileged by the Zodiac. You are loved, being shown that you are loved, and this is giving you a reputation that keeps on getting better.

Moreover, you’re confident and your feelings are attaining more power. The period in which you are is going to bring you the joys of what love is, so you will have things happening in the concrete sense, which you will greatly enjoy.

When your occupation will allow you to, you will spend moments loving. The person you’re with will notice how stubborn you are to work in your relationship and make it as harmonious as you can possibly make it.

The stars will be favoring the couple projects that are new. In case you have the need to be thinking more, then give yourself a break and spend time alone. In case you happen to be in a recent relationship, then don’t formalize it yet, even if you have the need to make a commitment and work with plans in the long run.

The time will be good for the singles, and the planets will offer their protection, looking into the future. The month will be complicated, so those who are either in love or married will go through some challenges that are important.

They will have their companions being more jealous, which will work against their couple and family harmony. It would be a good idea for them to not make any drastic decisions. They need to carry out the most pleasant conversations and talk to their partner.

The singles are not going to go through a very easy time period, but starting with the 10th, they will become able to make some new friends. Outdoor and travel outings will be advantageous for their union.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Those working with other or on their own should pay attention to not have the most boring conversations that don’t encourage any progress. They should wait for the times to get better. Some of the other workers in the sign will need to not expose themselves to any power struggle with their superiors, nor get involved into competitions that seem meaningless.

This period is not favorable for asking for salary increases or promotions, and neither for trying to make the assets prosper. The natives will need to have patience, as their moment will come at some point. On the other hand, they need to do things when they’re being given the chances, as this will be the wisest thing for them to do.

Ceres, the dwarf planer entering the 2nd House of the Aquarius on the 9th, is promoting the management of what’s available in terms of resources, real estate investments, as well as food businesses.

Keep in mind that the planet Neptune will start its direct trajectory in this House on the 28th, which will translate into understanding what the financial reality is all about, as well as of the practical direction of the long and medium-term economic plans. At work, the planet Mars’ direct phase start in the 3rd House of the Aquarius, is going to put an emphasis on the speech, whenever ideas are being presented.

The natives might lead, during this time period, all sorts of promotional campaigns that are aggressive. They might also participate at public debates.

This means they need to be assertive when communicating, not diverting their attention from valid issues and internal work. Mercury starting its direct trajectory in the 9th House of the sign will favor speeding up any administrative and international procedure, launch of websites and webpages, as well as publications.

Your Wellbeing This Month

With all sorts of tensions on different kinds of fronts, you might have your health affected. The areas you will need to take care of the most will be digestive and circulatory systems. As a result of too much tension, you might also suffer from bone discomfort.

Since there’s no disease in the Universe, these can be somehow avoided, the more you take care of yourself. Release your negative energy, as this will heal your soul and keep your nervous system in check. Go to the gym or do some yoga.

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