Aquarius October 2015 Monthly Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-09-23, 2488 views

Money to be a nebulous field in need for order as the Aquarius October 2015 monthly horoscope warns. Neptune retrograde in your second astrological house that is responsible for your earnings from work doesn’t provide stability and predictability, but rather dreaming and eluding to face the money issue.

But October brings along Jupiter, Mars and Venus transiting Virgo that is the sign responsible for your shared money and patrimony, but, at the same time, it’s the zodiac sign offering you the clues for your deep crisis and consequent transformations. 

Steady solutions

Therefore, the solution of your money issues seems to consist in transforming your values so that you will be able to valorise more your collaborations and the support from others, on the one hand, but also the rules, economical living or scheduled payments, on the other hand.

At bottom, it’s a challenge for you to make the most out of scarce resources put together with family or partners.

Negotiating the rightness

What is right and what is wrong could be a matter of philosophy for you, at least in October. Until October 9, while Mercury is still retrograde in Libra, you might be shocked by some beliefs claimed on behalf of rightness/justice. Or you might surprise others with your own beliefs. The wisest thing will be for you to just wait and observe the others reasons without trying to confront them in a decisive manner.

After October 10, things should be clearer, but even so, some tensions make it hard for you to impose your beliefs on rightness. At a concrete level, this could affect the evolution of a law suit, a negotiation, a mediation and ultimately agreements are difficult to be reached.

Especially around October 25 the Mercury-Uranus opposition suggests the peril of expressing your beliefs in a too assertive manner that partners could find it brutal and therefore rejection could appear. 

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