Aquarius October 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-09-25, 3959 views

A lot to learn and many people to meet or get to know better. This could be in short what this October has in store for you, before we add a bit more complexity and some work related busy times.

But if we try to crack the blinds a bit more open, will figure that things aren’t that simple and those lessons will probably come as a result of some challenges and as a results of some moments of worry alongside moments of celebration and enjoyment.

You continue to be very social but sometimes have some expectations that exceed what those around you can offer. Some occasions to help others might come your way but you won’t be able to take all of them, because you will need to do things for yourself as well.

You also show this month how picky you are when it comes to the things you occupy your free time with, but it is only natural, especially since there won’t be plenty of it this busy but accomplishing month.

Love revelations

The first week stats on a powerful note and seems to clarify some things that might have remained clouded in your love life. Don’t be afraid to name and shame whatever you feel does not function right but only if you are willing to own up to your own mistakes.

The closer you get to the root of all evil, no matter if this means disintegrating some feelings, the easier it will be to reconstruct things if both of you are willing.

The single natives might be reading this with a smirk on their faces, perhaps congratulating themselves that they don’t have to go through this.

But they couldn’t be more wrong because it seems that Venus is not allowing them a respire either and that they might be undergoing some different kind of emotions when dealing with someone who captured their interest. And in their situation, the stakes are high.

Working with others

It seems that around the 12th, collaborations are going to be at the core of what you do and working solo won’t be the option, even if you would want it to.

At first you might find it hard to adapt to the demands of others, especially if you are working in a new group, but the perks of this will soon surface. And the more relaxed you are about it, the easier it actually is.

Another good thing about delegating some of your activities is the fact that you might get the chance to involve yourself in other projects, some of which might come with immediate financial gain.

You might not have too much time to rejoice about this because that money might have to go to repay some debt or to a similar investment.

Improving your life

With Jupiter and Saturn supporting your career, even the small troubles that might come are under good care. You need to use this occasion to learn something new, perhaps get back into formal education or similar.

Those natives having to take exams are sure to benefit from all the concentration they need. Too bad they still have to do the work before that, though. Not only educational endeavors are supported but also those pertaining to changes in your lifestyle.

So not a bad moment to get on board with a group or with some kind of healthy habit. There isn’t necessary the need to sign in on something long term.

The stars will help you out with maintaining your choices, you just need to be persistent for a couple of days in a row.

The spiritual side

Someone with more experience than you, not necessarily older than you, will open your eyes in regard to something you have lived but somehow managed to overlook. And it will be quite a surprise. But the good news is that you are quick to regroup once you get on the right thread.

A good occasion around the 25th for some soul searching and perhaps you will have some personal questions to answer. Don’t hurry into finding answers or going to others for moral support.

Even if those thoughts are not the sweetest in the world, they are your real worries and represent what you need to ponder upon, most likely on your own.

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