Aquarius October 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-09-24, 3697 views

Prepare for a challenging month dear Aquarius as it seems that a lot of things are adding up and there will be both work to do and reasons to celebrate.

You are going to be mostly in a good mood and it seems that this will help you out pay attention to what others are doing and collect from them signals of how they feel and how you can help.

Throughout October you will feel this need to make an impact, whether at work or in the lives of those close. The only caution to be taken here refers to you not overstepping. Some people prefer to keep some things to themselves and there is no need to insist.

When emotions are putting themselves in the way

When it comes to your love life this October, it seems that it will be mostly you who are going to block good things from happening, sometimes out of fear of the unknown. The first week will be quite uneventful and this will prompt you to stick to some sort of denial.

You will keep thinking that you don’t need anything extraordinary to happen in your life for you to be happy and therefore will exclude any interesting events you might get a chance to attend to.

Some relationship issues may surface around the 16th, perhaps because you really want to say some things as they are or because of some harsh words that are being said during an argument. Moving away from this, you will feel quite guilty and will finish the month in quite a somber mood in respect to the love side.

Don’t isolate yourself at work

There is quite a tendency to work on your own this October, whether or not you are happy with what is going on in the office. You are not very flexible these days and perhaps this is why you prefer to do things in your own rhythm.

Around the 10th, you might have to put an accent on the good relationship you have built with someone and ask for a favor of some kind. You will be quite stressed about this whole action as obviously you won’t feel very comfortable about it.

But you have more to win than to lose so just go ahead. Some natives may even find out news about a new job and will be very interested to start a new collaboration.

You may also find this month that there is a superior in the office who appreciates you for how you work but who didn’t say a word about this before. However, be careful not to disappoint them with this lack of flexibility you seem to be under now.

Wellbeing and comfort

Love and friendship will sooth your aching body this month and you will enjoy this very much. You will probably even want to make things last longer so may be complaining a lot more than usually.

There will be some overnight changes, with your mood swinging from one direction to another but you don’t seem to be terribly bothered by this. On the contrary, you seem to find force from these changes and every time you overcome a hurdle, you will come back stronger.

This month you can also find your balance with exercise, if, in the past, you have been struggling to keep up with a routine. Start small, with just a couple of minutes every day and just stick to that. It seems that the stars are preventing you know from looking out for immediate results, therefore, there are more chances for you to be in this for the long term.

Social challenges

It seems that the greatest hurdle in your social life will come around the 12th, when you are sort of in the middle of pushing for something to happen but there are also some opposing forces, trying to move things in a different direction.

This is a great moment to be in the spotlight for the right reasons so try to show your good side. If you try something once or twice and it doesn’t work, give up for the moment and try to make a comeback with a new strategy.

You will be more appreciated for being understanding and the fact that you are still onto that will be sort of pushed aside by this whole action of yours of stepping back from the impossible.

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