Aquarius October 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-09-29, 3635 views

Personal image and how you get to nurture and increase it, these are likely to be the spotlight topics for this October. It may be that you are planning some grand gestures or just dreaming with your eyes open, in any case, you sure are not going to pay much attention to those around.

On the other hand, despite the above mentioned rather superficial aspects, it seems that you are also focused on work and getting some things done there. You are very result oriented and this will likely show.

This is a great month for your social life, although there may be slow moments like there are everywhere.

Towards the end of October you may also be in the position to show how logical and put together you can react in moments when rapid decisions are required from you.


Astrological aspect of the month: The Sun Uranus opposition is one that usually brings uncertainty and that unsettling feeling that you are missing out on something but this month it will action as the perfect impulse for you to action, rather than dwell between choices or in inactivity.

Sourcing ingenious ideas

At the debut of the month, the astrological context will get you to ask yourself some fundamental questions about your desires but it doesn’t seem like you will be moving away from this point.

It is easier to think than get things done and you will most certainly feel this when it comes to your own personality. When it comes to others however, you appear to be very altruistic and nurturing.

There are many chances that you will spend a lot of the first week tending to other people’s needs but you will be happy to do this and you will not really ask for anything in return.

Your ingenious ideas may not be completely remarked as they take place but surely you will hear about the results of your work in time. You need to be bold about some plans of yours, especially around the 17th and especially in the office, if people are doubting you.

There is no need to be conflictual, it’s just the need to keep your point if you consider it valid and not let others to judge you for something you have not done.

Because of the Mercury Mars square occurring on the 19th, you are given an extra dose of impulsivity and you might find it hard to cope with it so your tendencies to just get things done might appear to be aggressive in the face of people who are a little bit more relaxed.

You will also have some moments in which you will react in hurry, even towards family members, and this is not going to be something pleasant for them.

As the 24th Full Moon is approaching, you seem to take on board extra responsibilities at work and may need to put some extra hours to meet those very delicate deadlines. This will mobilize you to give what is best out of you but will also put you in a great light in front of your superiors.

Special: Your love life this October

Whilst for most people, it will be the Venus retrograde that will create both opportunities and havoc this October, in your case, the spotlight should be on Mercury, which is going to be very active this month.

So do expect surprises and unexpected turns of events that you will obviously enjoy very much, even if they will also be accompanied by tense moments, tricky temptations and difficult decisions to make.

Be careful because this easily excitable Mercury also means that words will have a greater impact in matters of love than they usually do. So guard yourself against gossip and be careful with what you promise in moments of passion.

Some of the married natives may feel as if they don’t have enough liberty and independence and may raise some discussions that are going to be quite tense.

The Full Moon occurring on the 24th will come with the warning to not ignore any domestic issues because they are likely to escalate up to a point where they will be very difficult to handle. You can get very organized with your loved one but you need to start having those conversations.

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