Aquarius October 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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Enjoy this month because it will not strain your nerves too much and even help you reach some decisions on matters that have taken a lot of your energy the last couple of weeks.

Although you may feel as if things are slowing down around you, don’t worry because this will be to your advantage in the long run.

In the meantime, you will have the opportunity to start a new journey in terms of travel, education or even legal issues.

This continues throughout the month of October, giving you opportunities to broaden your horizons in a way, perhaps by learning more about the world, its people and languages.

Because such major ingredients for change rarely happen, you should not miss this chance.

It is a time when you can start new activities, interact with new people and broaden your horizons.

You think a lot about your image and you want to make the best decisions so that others can appreciate you for your true value.

October comes with surprises in your sentimental area too. Some toxic relationships may end, while other healthy relationships may occur, for those who are willing to take some risks.

October highlights

For Aquarians, October 2019 will be a month of increased confidence and productivity, this being made very obvious quite from the start.

If you have a business, this month can be a profitable one. You may need to make important decisions and you will need to make sure that you surround yourself by important people who can bring you wise advice.

Around the 12th, you can make investments in things for the house. There may be some differences in a couple's life, but they can be easily resolved.

The following week, the chances of traveling far enough from home are increased. Make sure you plan in advance and try not to spend too much money on things that you don’t really need.

Towards the end of the month some tensions may develop between you and a friend or a neighbour. All of a sudden you might feel like you don’t really know that person anymore and you might not know what to believe.

During or around the 29, you may face some fears and anxieties that are not really grounded in reality. Try not to waste too much time with them, especially if you have no real cause for concern.

During or around 30, communicate and interact well with the superiors. If you made more efforts to evolve professionally, this day may come with the firm promise of a promotion or other reward in the workplace.

Aquarius love horoscope for October 2019

October will be, according to the horoscope, in favor of long-term relationships. Aquarians get a chance and if they miss it, they can do nothing. It is good to for the single natives spend time alone, to develop their personality. Only in this way can Aquarius evolve and move on.

Most of you are satisfied with the love life you have and do not have need to make drastic changes or give this area unwarranted attention. The tendency will be to remain at the same status.

Those who are married will remain married and those alone will remain alone. Those involved in serious relationships will continue in these relationships but without rushing to get married.

Significant new friends are in the picture and there will be some days this October when friendship will be more important than love.

Old social attitudes are dying and new attitudes will be born. You will go deep into what friendship means and remove bad or false attitudes.

If your partner is not happy with your attitude, you will not even flinch and just go on about your own activities.

There is potential for a relationship to start as a friendship and evolve into something more. You can meet this person through an organization you belong to or through some common friends.

Career and finances progress this month

With a lot of star movement in your Seventh and Eight house, you will find that this month is all about auspicious interactions with important people.

You can’t make money on your own this month so make sure you surround yourself with the right crowd. It may also be that some gossip will keep you aside or back track but this is not going to be for long.

Time to be harsh with the lazies around you and rewarding with the hard-working.

It can be said that it is a favorable period for accessing a credit or paying a debt, depending on the situation. It is also possible that the income of the life partner will increase or find that it provides support for a number of personal projects.

Use the energy of the October transits to clarify any misunderstandings or disputes related to an inheritance, big assets or passive income. Similarly, be careful in what sort of joint ventures you get into.

From a professional point of view, Aquarius does not have a very quiet period, especially after the 15th. It is very possible that a problem from the past can create difficulties for you, you cannot progress until you reach a point of collaboration.

Think carefully about a radical change of strategies for promotion or advancement in the professional hierarchy.

You will also have quite a few days in which you will feel out of focus and in which you will try your best to get out of the daily professional routine and to explore other possibilities.

Health and wellbeing

Take any advice you get this month, especially from professionals. This is a good time to try new things and uplift your diet from complete boredom.

No need to go through extreme lengths because you won’t really stick to a healthy habit if it’s too complicated. Small changes will do the trick.

Also, if you can get those around you on board too, it will be a lot easier for you to respect your pledges.

Mars in your natal sign gives you an increased risk of headaches, disturbs the waters and causes you a state of agitation, impatience, impulsivity.

Be careful how you control your nervous outputs and do not eat or drink excessively under stress.

It is good to retire for a while, to spend time alone, to do yoga, to sleep a lot, whatever helps you to accept more easily the things that happen in your life without being able to stop or control them.

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