Aquarius October 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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In October, Aquarius natives will channel their energy towards work. With satisfaction coming from their proceedings, they will get praise and unconditional backing from their associates, whereas their achievements will be sincerely valued and admired. Personally, most of them will be opportune to begin a long-term relationship or coexist with someone special.

Mercury's retrograde will bring about postponements and delays within the professional plane and with various legal procedures. Paying attention to finances, negotiations, or agreements will be important for you.

Everyone's contribution should be clearly defined. Find order so you might confront your fears, and discern who are the fittest people to be your acquaintances.

October 2020 Highlights

Aquariuses will find October full of conflicts because they are not usually pleased by intense emotions. Mars will be in Virgo, which is the 8th House, and going to waken an intense sexual drive within them, something that will seem for the excessively mental and most repressive natives as a punishment.

On the flip side, you have to be with a person who is ready to play naughty with you. To avoid being a part of certain injustices, you may have to work with forces that take a clear stand in your life and unveil the impostors in your path.

As usual, commitments scare you because you think they hinder your freedom, yet if you presume them, this October will be one filled with unexpected projection and progress.

Aquariuses have a lucid mind, penetrating insight, an uneasy spirit, and a stealth logic, even when all the passion, uncontrolled heart movements, and stimuli, are present in them. All is in place for these natives.

The scenes from the month before should be changed in October because as the Venus’ opposition against Leo comes to an end, you will feel perceptible changes in your life. Mercury and the Sun in Libra will be awesome when seen from a professional perspective.

Aquarius Love Horoscope for October

Conflicts finally leave. All becomes clearer before you, so clear that you adore all there is to your relationship, the changes your partner desires, and the events you’re both looking forward too.

The bright Mercury in Libra comes with a lucid mind, Mars in Virgo adds brimming decisions and a lot of energy. Strong erotic signs are fostered in stable relationships and are allured by others. Going into the sphere of sentiments will seem like going to intimate and deep places for you, Aquarius.

This will be one of some of the most enjoyable times for you this year. Impossible relationships will happen. Some Aquarius natives will make the decision to solemnize romantic ties, while others will begin a delayed coexistence with someone they care about.

Arieses will see the harmonious current between them and you, and sweep you away. Cancers will intensify the misunderstandings pushing Aquariuses to be even more patient to solve them.

Aquariuses will come across the understandings they’re facing, which they so desire to see fixed in other Aquariuses. Pisces will be much more susceptible than normal. Water Bearers will also be very engrossed in work, but this won’t stop them from having strong romantic engagements.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Mars and Venus’ favorable positions will make this month highly satisfactory for Aquariuses. Their vitality and physical condition will improve so much that they will help them achieve great things at work.

The edgy Aquarius spirit might facilitate their propulsion towards new job opportunities. In such cases, it is easier for them to be in touch with people that are a part of their projects.

A great time to imbibe activities different from their usual daily activities will arise. October will an excellent month for work, especially up until the 20th. Many actions, a lot of recognition, favorable transactions, constant assistance, and a serene work environment, even with a colleague who’s prey to a longing for power, they will all happen.

Some may be attempting to hurt you. To prevent risks, be reserved when choosing your collaborators or partners. Place pleasure and work in defined life paths.

It might be tough for some Aquarius natives to avoid an intense romance with one special colleague who openly declares his or her passion. Teamwork will thrive quite well in the final week of October.

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