Aquarius September 2015 Monthly Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-08-19, 2487 views

Two eclipses to impact your shared values and legal affairs in this Aquarius September 2015 monthly horoscope. This period, your money and patrimony-related affairs need clarifications. And it’s the partial solar eclipse accompanying the new Moon in Virgo on September 13 that is expected to bring such occasions.

The most important thing seems to be how you value rules in collaborations (especially the moral ones), support to provide to partners in marriage or business, the scheduling of due payments and the usefulness of important purchases.

Cooperation must be an asset even in the case of partitions as its effects will be on a long term. Moreover, in some individual cases, an inheritance might answer to a moral injustice that has been committed long time ago. 

Don’t be manipulative

The end of the month is highly influenced by the tense astrological context active at the time of the total lunar eclipse accompanying the full Moon in Aries on September 28.

A strong conflict is very probable to be stirred between your eagerness to assert your arguments and ideas, on the one hand, and the demands for harmonizing them with those of others, mainly people who support your need either for your legal or social affairs, on the other hand.

This mentioned eagerness might even tempt you to use manipulative means for conveying your messages for your own purposes.

Love evolution

A special warning: avoid saying words that offend your partners of dialogue, ruining some of your relationships. You might regret that later. And even worse than that, some relationships can turn into rivalries due to such behaviour.

The best chances are to come for through popularity you enjoy thanks to Mars and Venus transiting Leo. Moreover, your marriage could be put in front of fulfilment due to love and passion you share with your partner.

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