Aquarius September 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-08-26, 3630 views

You need to come forward this September and showcase your abilities. This is a great time for you to pick up opportunities both in your personal and professional life. Some things might come as a surprise while others will come as the result of something you’ve been working on for a while.

And if this doesn’t sound sweet then I don’t know what those. Some money coming in on top of that will make you feel as if you are riding a high wave. But be careful as you are allowed to indulge yourself but at the same time put something aside for times that may not be as generous on you.

Let me also remind you that there may be some things you need to give back and some promises you need to respect. This month will ring the bells for what you owe, practically or emotionally and you need to be there in each case.

Nostalgia ahead

What you need to be careful about during the first few days of the month concerns what is being said about you, whether it is true or not. It is not like everyone is gossiping around your back or that you are always read by the wrong impression but you need to be careful as you don’t want to miss out on anything because of that.

Coming to better news, it seems that someone from your past will make a surprise comeback and you will eagerly turn into the most nostalgic person out there.

Perhaps they are just passing by or they might have a better role in your life. Mars is keeping this a secret from you at the moment and you’ll have to wait and see.

You will be very happy to introduce them to your current life and perhaps will be offered some kind of travel opportunity.

Romance and being practical

Venus seems to keep all romance under wrap and only give you tiny bits, like you couldn’t handle more. But around the 10th you will most likely have the chance to do something nice for your partner and your efforts will be more than welcomed.

Your love will cross certain barriers and will prove to be practical as well. Some unexpected money matters will make you find out that you are stronger together.

Everything that you have in common, at the moment or planning for the future, is benefited so you should look in this direction. Of course you cannot lie to yourself and if not everything is as it should be, perhaps you need to speak now before things complicate further.

Different activities

Some changes in your energy levels during the second half of the month will keep you guessing how you will be next and might prevent you from a series of plans. But look at the bright side, you get to focus on less and be as good as you can at that.

There will be moments of multitasking, especially if you get to help someone close, but those will prove to be of too much pressure to be repeatable all the time.

Another good thing that comes from these limitations is that fact that you are a lot more patient and wont’ take as many decisions in a haste, as you would otherwise do.

Around the 20th, the stars are prompting you to spend time around the house and see what bills need to be paid and what needs to be fixed. Practical and boring, maybe. Or maybe you will be able to build some kind of sacred place where to find yourself.

Being sociable at work

The end of the month puts you back in your place with a lot of work but also a lot of satisfaction coming from what you are doing. A good moment for working with others in a team, even if you are not the one to direct the whole thing.

Even better, being part of the group will allow you a bit of relaxation time as well and will help relief stress. You will soon go past the official behavior and might end up strengthening the otherwise serious relationship you most likely have with your colleagues.

Who knows, you might actually end up going out with them or such. Open up about what you like outside work and will receive their own opinions and even advice on matters that are on your head at the moment and they might be better than you at.

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