Aquarius September 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-08-27, 3834 views

A month of heated passions due to rise in the most unexpected of moments. It seems that you are paying more and more attention to the needs of your partner and this means that on this territory, things are covered.

On the other hand, if it is to talk about your emotions, things are in no way that simple. You are mixing desires and have rather high expectations of yourself. This is going to be a month of high frustrations if you don’t manage to tone things down or at least to not be that harsh on yourself.

All throughout the month you will appear to be very concerned with some practicalities happening at home and you might even exaggerate as to get involved when you shouldn’t.

Slow to take off

Things are not going to be that easy during the first few days of September as you seem to find it hard to organize yourself and you are also lacking some motivation in some respects.

If those around you know to motivate you with the thing that puts you in movement, meaning money, things might take off faster.

You are showing however, that even with money, you are still doubting some choices and are not willing to do whatever. Avoid unnecessary sources of stress because this will make itself felt throughout your body.

Around the 7th, you will also crave for some sort of time-off but this might not be in best timing with what your family expects from you and it seems that you will have to compromise on this occasion.

Watch your language

It seems that after the 9th, you are regaining some motivation, perhaps due to some events happening during that weekend. It may be that you come across someone who is very successful and you take them as a role model.

You will feel somewhat under pressure to deliver something similar and this will put your brain into action.

Some minor discussion might lead to something more heated so beware of what you have to comment towards others, especially towards people you don’t know that well.

It seems that you are easily offended and quick to take things personally. Luckily, at work everything is smooth and you don’t really have any interactions that may grant such experiences. You may also end up spending more time in the company of your superior.

Preparing your journey

Your humanitarian side cannot stay hidden for too long and it seems that you are about to experience something new and might even travel, out of an attempt to help someone. You are definitely going to put your brain to good work and might surprise even yourself with the solutions you are about to find.

The only word of caution is to not be too stubborn and anticipate just a particular course of action, especially if, in your plan, you depend on other people. Things are going to be terribly flexible and you surely don’t want to be caught unprepared.

Plan B should always be out there, ready to be used. No matter how silly you might feel. It’s not that you are preparing for failure and the faster you abandon these thoughts, the more you have to win.

Less work, please

After the 25th, you will be very much concerned with diminishing the amount of time you are working, whether you are taking some time off from work to spend with your family or are actively trying to find a different domain in which to have more free time.

On one hand, you are realistic about your options whilst on the other, you may have some rather high expectations. This is a great time to offer as much support as possible to your partner, especially if they work freelance and you would like to do the same.

Natives who are in a long term relationship will be able to speak about these things more openly whilst those who are still honeymooning may find it slightly awkward.

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