Aquarius September 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-08-27, 4611 views

If there is one complaint that will be in your head for the majority of this September, is the one that everything is too vague and all the signals you are getting from around you seem to be very confusing and even contradictory.

Perhaps you are putting too much energy into deciphering hidden meanings, that might not even be there, than into actually living the experiences you are given.

Some natives will feel as if this is a hopeless situation they are in, but luckily, someone very close will be there, for the rescue.

The main benefit of this September could be defined as the unwavering support of those around, who will sort of channel their energy to keep you pleased and happy.

You will get the chance to have some heartfelt conversation and move some imaginary roadblocks that have prevented you from being yourself in the company of some people dear to you.

During the second half of the month, some activities you were waiting for will finally crystalize and you will get the chance to weigh different options for going forward.


TOP TIP of the month: Your lover or someone younger in the family will come with a fresh perspective that might feel like it’s blowing your mind and which you will be very happy to embrace, going forward.

What works and what doesn’t

This September will somewhat be marked by the trine aspect formed by Saturn with Uranus. In order to understand the kind of positive changes that can be triggered by this aspect, you should have a look at the gaps in your life.

Which are the aspects in which there is something you are missing out on, things have been left unfinished or which are the things you need to get started on an important life goal.

It’s important to take time and meditate on your needs because this is sort of the only way to attract these missing pieces in your life.


Enhance! There may be some tense moments around the 6th, and you will need to start planning and be methodical in how you approach them.

The Sun trine Pluto on the 9th will increase your drive to success and you might find yourself, all of a sudden, a lot pushier about what others are doing, especially when it impacts you directly.

This might produce some moments that are verging on confrontation at work but in order to keep yourself sane, you will need to not take things personally and just focus on the facts. With this in mind, you are able to overcome even situations that would have been so daunting for you in the past.

But you are lucky again, towards the end of the month, in the sense that with the Mercury square Saturn aspect, hard work will be recognized, even if it appears that you are doing some things on your own and no one is noticing.


Watch out! This is a good time to pay attention to all sort of details but may want to avoid work that refers to legal aspects or negotiations.

Special: Your love life this September

This September will ensure that your love life moves onto the path you have been expecting for a long time, whether we are talking about things settling down or whether we are referring to more excitement and occasions to flirt.

Some couples may go through a bit of an existential crisis at the start of the month and might end up setting new rules, so who knows, there may be partnerships that evolve for the better or relationships that become open.

With Mercury’s transit through the Seventh house, you will feel a lot more free than usual to express what you feel and won’t even think about being the effects of what you are saying.

For some natives this might feel like a comeback and they will be able to push forward in some love aspects that they may have compromised some time ago. Good news associated to couple life may also bring a bit of a break from mundanity.

Towards the end of the month you might find yourself internalizing some of your feelings, perhaps because you are not very sure that you are right to act up, given how much attention has been put on these different love comments throughout the month.


Astrological aspect of the month: The Full Moon occurring on the 24th is one associated with self-imposed limitations and inhibitions. It is the culmination of a period in which you have kept yourself away from a certain influence and it finally gives you the courage to confront someone.

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