Aquarius September 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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This month there is a certain tension in the family, especially if there has already been in the past some opposition to your ideas and plans.

The requirements that your partner or someone else very close will make may be heavier than normal.

In the second week of the month, it will seem that life is even more difficult for you, frustrating your plans and throwing obstacles to your need for change. This will cause a conflict between you and someone dear.

Your impatience might enrich you so that you can start changing something in your life regardless of the consequences. In fact, at this point, a sudden opportunity may appear that significantly changes your life for the better.

Things go into normal business as the month progresses. There are no unusual events occurring. There will also be several quiet moments this month and even some that will be a little monotonous, suitable for introspection.

September highlights

The first part of the month might be somewhat difficult, but the second part of the month will be excellent in terms of private life. You may be interested in sports and socializing

At work you may be faced with some misunderstandings or it may be necessary to prove that you are innocent after being accused of something rather serious.

Luckily, the relationship with the family will be excellent so you will most certainly have their backing in case something happens.

Your loved ones will be with you during this period and will help you to overcome the problems that will arise. You will have beautiful moments with your loved ones and you will very much enjoy the time spent together.

During or around the 17th, some chances of winning in association with the life or a business partner are outlined. Make time for opportunities coming your way and take some risks.

Only the relationships that have passed the test of time will flourish and this month you are quite detached, viewing everything through the lens of a very peaceful and laid-back person.

From the 23rd onwards, you will like some frustrations that have been on your mind are easing away. You will also be more inclined than usual in putting your faith in projects conducted alongside other people, perhaps even do something for the community, where you live.

Aquarius love horoscope for September 2019

Love life should be flowing peacefully this month as you are able to overcome any emotional blockages that may have kept you previously from expressing your feelings.

Moreover, from the 18th onwards, with Saturn’s direct walk in your twelfth house, you will become a lot more attuned to spiritual matters.

So, you will be relieved of stress, good news may come or things will start to settle in your life.

Some natives may experience a temporary departure of their partner, but not a final separation and they will be coping reasonably with this experience.

All the negative things that have been recorded between April and September 19, 2019, seem to be mitigated by new events that will come into your romantic life until the end of September.

From the 23rd, with the Sun entering Libra, you will also exit your comfort zone and become a lot bolder about what you are feeling. It’s time to let your crush know you are after them. That date cannot be waiting any longer.

You are also very motivated to showcase your best personality forward and will do anything to put yourself in the best light, perhaps even persuade your friends to do you a little shameless lobby or become your wingmen/women.

The New Moon on the 28th falls just in place, leaving you all shine and ready for new adventures.

But be careful, especially, if you are a young lady, because you might end up in some limited situations. Take good care of yourself and don’t expect others to do it for you.

Towards the end of the month, those natives already in well-established couples might surface some old secrets and chances are this might trigger quite some serious discussions.

Career and finances progress this month

With quite some activity in your eight house, this is going to be a financially busy month, where you earn and spend money continuously. Be sure to take some breaks and think things through as well, not just let yourself carried away.

Therefore, it can be said that it is a favorable period for accessing a credit or paying a debt, depending on the given situation.

It is also possible that the income of the life partner may increase or you may find that it provides support for a number of personal projects.

Use the energy of these transits to clarify any misunderstandings or disputes related to money, from new purchases, inheritances or investments.

From a professional point of view, Aquarius does not have a very quiet period, especially after the 15th. It is very possible that a problem from the past may create difficulties for you at work, and you cannot progress until you reach a point of collaboration and come clean about what has previously happened.

New Moon in Libra energies around the 28th, help you look for new perspectives on a professional level, help you to get out of your daily professional routine and explore other possibilities. It could even outline the opportunity for a new or profitable association or collaboration.

Health and wellbeing

If you have been engaged in certain excesses this summer, be sure that the consequences of your actions will surface and some health complaints might be on their way towards you.

Losses can also come from a medical point of view, as this energetic surplus activates the eighth house of death and rebirth and there are high chances of being caught in certain unpleasant events at work: injuries around the head area or the legs.

It is possible from stress to have nerve attacks, calcium or other electrolyte imbalances, so many types of difficulties that can occur especially in the first part of September.

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