Aquarius September 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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September is a month for self-discipline. During it, Aquarians are going to assess their life thus far, also analyze their errors and victories. But they will not look towards what has passed a long while back.

View your past acts objectively, as this could do you a lot of good. By doing this, you will not repeat the errors from your past. Nobody is flawless, so don't be too tough on yourself. Also, always remember stress can make you sick.

The month of September will take your personal life very seriously. Some Aquarius' first love ends, yet it isn’t about a pointless relationship. Rather the opposite. Only relationships that have been through rough tests become longstanding and firm.

Be at peace and never stress. Those who are born in the sign of the Water Bearer can switch jobs this September too. An important change in your career is favored. This may also come with a home change.

Maintain cordiality with those older than you and who happen to be in your circle, particularly your father. Cordiality will find space in the presence of balance and respect. This month, you and your partner have a very good relationship.

September 2020 Highlights

At the start of September, your mood is great, however, you may be more extra sensitive than normally. On top of this, work comes with certain barriers. The energy inside you moves away from normal levels and becomes overwhelming.

But as the first week progresses, your mood gets better. Be prudent with your spending. On the 5th and after, you may collaborate with professionals who have more experience, from abroad or from your country too.

As the middle of the month approaches communication with your life partner, collaborators, or both, coworkers and clients too, gets better.

But don’t get your hopes too high because this could be followed by a tense atmosphere between you, your family members, life partner, or both, all because of domestic, housing, or household issues.

Around the 24th, your mood falls into darkness and you could be more quarrelsome. On the 27th and after, your communication with superiors improves.

Towards the end of September, the atmosphere for collaborations and negotiations is more favorable. You may be reminded of an unpleasant occurrence from your past by a gesture or a word.

Aquarius Love Horoscope for September

For those Aquariuses who are married or part of a serious commitment, there's a chance of many arguments with your partner over the matter of money. If there’s a need to overspend the family budget, reproaches will come and you should go through them the best way you can.

Single Aquariuses might fall for someone who isn't right for them, someone who makes their life complicated and has them suffering. Venus' transition in Virgo and past the 8th house stirs your sensuality by a margin.

Partnerships become more emotionally intense. The time is right to assess what you feel and verify your partner's needs and feelings.

Career and Finances Horoscope

There are many accomplishments for Aquariuses in September. All projects they're involved in are completed, whereas the chances of a pay raise are high. There will also be more hangouts with friends. Those of them in relationships will spend more awesome time with their partner.

It may seem like taking some steps down with regards to money. If you occupy your mind, you will be unable to pay attention to making money. Too many times, your focus is on problems, so you never come across opportunities that can aid you financially.

On the good side, attracting the opportunity to get a loan that can lift you from a deadlock might be just possible. Just have all the necessary documents.

Most of the money Aquariuses own goes to charity and this is great because most times, these natives are genius entrepreneurs. Putting your money in an enterprise that gives repose and relief to unfortunate people and brightens the mankind's future further is what Aquariuses do.

They are hardworking, brilliant, and ambitious. They’re also innovative and always looking to make life easier, better for everyone. Aquarius makes a lot of money and uses of most of it virtuously. These people have sleepless nights whenever feeling unable to give some of their income to others.

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