Aquarius September 2021 Monthly Horoscope

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Exchanges are going to be smooth even from the month’s beginning. The waters you’ll sail will be clear. Any option you have is going to put you more in control of your own life. During the last time period, you have been going through difficulties, but you can forget all about that now, as you’re more determined, able to make the good decisions and ready to carry on with your projects.

Until September 16th, you’re going to have many warm meetings at home. This time period is beneficial for friendships and private moments. What you want the most is to have peace of mind and to be calm. The people you love will make you feel younger and offer all their support to you.

When the month will end, you will realize that you live in a serene and harmonious atmosphere. In case you are expecting to be shown love, this will happen, yet not when you want it to. Allow yourself to be happy and believe in destiny, as the planets are supervising and taking care of things in your life.

September 2021 Highlights

There may be a need for relocation, but not in the sense of changing homes. You need to find your own place and to answer the questions you have been asking yourself for the past few months. Limited beliefs that are slowing down your personal growth need to be eliminated.

Just spend some time alone so that you can determine what your inner self wants. Notice what are your bigger fears and fight them so that you can move forward. Aquariuses will be in full working mode as far as career goes, also eager to become more knowledgeable, to collaborate with their colleagues, to exchange the most practical ideas and help their company achieve the best results.

They will have an amazing intellectual power that will bring them both professional and financial benefits, so they should expect their income to increase.

Aquarius Love Horoscope for September

Aquariuses who happen to be in a relationship will have a smooth September. The presence of the North Node in the 7th House of Capricorn is indicating they have to value their partner more, to no longer have any prejudice or hold on to old beliefs.

Chiron being in retrograde in the 5th House of the Goat sends to how important it is to heal some wounds from childhood, to no longer hold on to what they have believed in for some time, also to reconcile with their partner in case they have had some problems in their relationship.

At the same time, they need to always remember how important their family is for their evolution. There’s one more astrological aspect that sends to their family, and that is the Full Moon in the sign of Pisces, on September 14th.

The Full Moon is going to touch the 3rd House of Capricorn on this date, and this will result to family reconciliations. Remember that Neptune will be in retrograde, together with Lilith, in the 3rd House of the Goat, so it may bring some wrong notions of what’s real.

The Full Moon in the sign of Pisces will have you observing situations more clearly, also understanding what compassion is and the feelings of others.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Most Water Bearers will be looking to make important changes in their career, as September is going to bring them new job opportunities or the chance for them to change their professional activity and turn into something new.

Those of them will be given the opportunity to make a change should consider the situation carefully, as they wouldn’t want to make a mistake. Either way, their professional life is going to be more intense and filled with opportunities that they need to know how to take advantage of in order to obtain many benefits.

It’s important their financial situation improves, as they have wasted their money in the past few months. In other words, you need to pay attention to your spending. Learn how to keep a budget if you don’t want to end up broke.

Your Wellbeing This Month

Making considerable intellectual efforts in the work and career sectors, Aquariuses’ physicality will have to suffer. They may experience pain in their neck and lower back.

If they want to solve such problems, then they need to rest and let go of all that’s putting pressure on their body. In case of exhaustion, they just need to take some time off and no longer think about responsibilities.

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