Aquarius September 2022 Monthly Horoscope

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As all the time, you happen to be stubborn, so this is a month that it either goes or it breaks. Getting closer to the 7th, there will be a certain situation becoming changeable, so you need to make a decision or choice, either about work or about love.

Either way, things are going to become difficult. Don’t hesitate to ask for someone’s help. Your friends will be by your side, your family as well. Leave your independence aside.

While a thing will lead to another thing, you might have the urge to no longer run as much. Starting with the 15th, you will manage to be free, which will help you transform.

The planets are going to give you an opportunity of showing your own talents, so it would be pointless to remember bad things all over again. Be open to new things. Your family will be your priority, so surround yourself with the people you love.

September 2022 Highlights

While in the profession, things are going to be better and better, there will be a T-square that, for the entire month, it’s going to stimulate the problems you have had in the year’s beginning. This T-square is going to last for the entire month.

Again, you will need to balance your spiritual values with the professional ones. When successful in your profession, as you happen to be now as well, you will think that your ideals are being sold or that your spiritual life is no longer being given any attention.

The more you remain focused on the spiritual life, the more you will feel as if your profession is suffering. Last but not least, this will be a conflict that will present a whole new and rather artificial perspective as far as your spiritual and professional worlds are going

Perhaps your partner is going to cause a crisis and accuse you of being a sell-out or not paying attention to the professional area. Or maybe he or she is feeling abandoned as a result of you focusing too much on spirituality and career. It’s all about balance.

Don’t bother much, as there will be a Superior Position unifying all the conflicts that you might be experiencing. On September 8th, the planet Venus is going to enter the Water Bearers’ 10th House of profession. It will bring favours to those who are superior to you, such as your elders, parents, and bosses. You will be supported in your career by people in your family.

You will have your social position in the family, as well as the status, improving. Building a home base that is stable will also be helpful now.

You will be attracted by foreign countries, yet trips should be scheduled before September 14th or the following month, as soon as Mercury will start moving forward again. Pay special attention to the way you’re communicating with people in administration or university offices, as well as with lawyers and foreigners.

After September 14th, the chances of miscommunicating things will increase, so you will be rather annoyed. Take your time to ensure the other person has got your message and that you have got their message. Neptune, your money planet, is going to continue its retrograde, yet the abundance flood won’t stop for the month.

There will be some minor delays and setbacks, but good things are still going to happen. Be proportionate when it comes to expenses on technology and the house. Love will improve with every day that passes. Someone from a foreign country might come into your life.

This person might have something to do with education. In case you happen to be a single person, then you will come across opportunities for love in the most normal environments, but also at academic and religious functions.

There will be some new friends entering the picture as well. Someone romantic in your life is going to support you to achieve your goals with money. In case you are married, count on your spouse to provide for you.

Aquarius Love Horoscope for September

If love’s dominance has been weakening you for the past few months, then it’s only up to you to take the control. Your privacy is going to change.

The month’s second half is going to offer great meeting opportunities, as well as opportunities of seducing. In case the stars are putting you to test, it would only be for your own good, so that you see the most positive things and change your life.

You will manage your relationship just as good as you would manage a small business. Thus, allow your other half to express him or herself, thinking about their expectations and wishes, as he or she has something to say as well.

In case you receive a directive, don’t be stressed because this is how you can avoid any confrontation, but be flexible if you want your moments to improve. The planets are going to be surprising for the distrustful you, so you are going to risk being the most malleable, as well as driven by your feelings for someone.

You will have many paradoxes and still, the month will be with you changing the song that you are singing. In case you don’t approach your relationship with tact, decide to improve it at some point. The natives are going to benefit from the disposition that’s facilitating their most pleasant experiences.

Because they will have some sort of an inner serenity, they are going to become able to increase their couple’s mutual knowledge. Those Aquariuses who happen to still be single are going to become able of conquering because they have a very good sense of humor and know how to handle their words, as well as their own fantasies of love.

For the month’s second part, all of these benefits are going to be accentuated. The natives will start conquering one heart after the other. Sensitive and increasingly alert, they are going to discover just how much their glances and gestures matter, becoming more able to make their romantic ties become deeper.

Career and Finances Horoscope

All Aquarius natives will get the chance to see how their profession’s secrets are being unveiled. The planet Jupiter is going to trigger their extra perception. From this point on, they’re going to be in their best condition, making up for the lost times and being dedicated to their professional development almost entirely.

From this place, which is new, they are going to outline all the strategies that mustn’t be wasted. While their finances won’t immediately show any results of the efforts they have made, they will still arrive rather rapidly at the fulfilment of their goals, seeing they have taken care of every little detail and gave them plenty of importance.

While their present is going to involve some crises, most likely if they work all alone and no matter if they are traders or professionals, they will still be optimistic and come up with all sort of creative ideas that will have their bosses being more interested in them and their work.

Their projects’ viability is going to be explored. Therefore, for all Aquariuses, this part of the year will be one in which they will need to wait with patience for results, the results of their own work, a period in which they don’t need to doubt that they can achieve anything they have dreamed of.

There will be a Full Moon in the sign of Pisces on the 2nd, a Full Moon that’s going to go into the 2nd House of the Aquarius and point out to cancelling some pending debts that have been standing, as well as to the process of making the actual financial position more honest, with the view of achieving not only medium objectives, but also long-term ones.

Let’s keep in mind that the planet Neptune in retrograde in the 2nd House of Aquarius will make the native not have a very clear opinion and perspective as far as personal economies are going. Neptune in opposition retrograde is going to be the star in the 2nd House of the sign, whereas the Sun in the 8th House on the 11th, will indicate that you need to conduct negotiations with someone in your family, maybe a partner, to solve a financial problem.

You might have the most interesting opportunities presenting themselves to you, opportunities for family businesses and associations. At work, Mars might hinder your communication with others in your environment and exacerbate your patience. It would be a good idea to not be condescending when interacting with 3rd parties so that you promote your safest space when these parties are expressing themselves. Be confident and assertive.

Your Wellbeing This Month

Your physical and intellectual performance will suffer a decline. You are used to letting yourself go when it comes to physicality, so you might experience some annoying symptoms, such as decreased vitality. This is going to prevent you from living a chaotic and bohemian lifestyle.

However, you will be wiser and it will be no harm in you having somewhat of a hectic lifestyle. Spend more time eating healthy and resting. Try some exercising as well. While your internal and external movement is going to be facing you, you need to make order in what you are eating and the activities you perform every day.

In other words, you need to take care of yourself as much as you can, as if you don’t, you might have your physique wearing down and you might get sick. Release your nervousness by performing some gymnastics or playing sports.

This is going to help you remain invigorated, not to mention that it will help you release excess energy in a constructive manner. Seeing that you enjoy nature, you need to spend as much time as possible in the sun, taking long walks and thinking about harmony.

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