Aries April 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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An excellent April ahead for increasing your impact on the world around you and on relying on your intuition. You will gather the energy to lead others, will appeal to friends and strangers alike and it seems that there is no better time to share ideas than this.

On the other hand, you may also be more prone to spending the good money you earn during this time, on unnecessary luxuries. The word of advice is to continue expanding your social circle, but in a rather controlled way.

Your advice will be sought after but you need to make sure you don’t throw anything out there if you are not positively sure that is the right thing to do or if that is not your specialist area.

You may come across, this April, some tedious tasks that will require your patience and entrepreneurial skills to complete. Luckily, your confidence levels are shooting through the roof at key moments.

The first aspect of the month, Sun conjunct Mercury, will stir up your social life and may also bring some travel news.

You may want to be careful with Mars conjuct Saturn, the second day of April, as your darkest desires may surface, along with some unexpected thoughts regarding what your attitude should be, especially at work. You benefit from a lot of energy but not investing this is something practical, will likely lead to frustration.


Enhance: Get organized at the beginning of the month as Sun conjuct Mercury favours communications and mental activity. You definitely have the eyes on the prize and clearing out any outstanding tasks should be your priority.

Blocked - unblocked

With the Mercury square Mars aspect, you sure will want to be right in every discussion with others and unless you temper this, there is, again, some risk of conflict arising, even from mundane and petty discussions.

After the 5th, Mercury will be squaring Saturn, which means that you will tighten the reins and will tend to become very critical of yourself.

Striving for perfection, this is the likely period of the month where there will be sleepless nights. May want to be careful though, because this search for the unattainable may block real, human levelled progress.

This aspect is one that stifles exchanges of ideas and plans, therefore, although you may benefit from a great idea, it will be difficult for you to share it with those whom can help you put it in practice. You may want to postpone any negotiations and other activities that involve talks and paperwork.

Keep in mind that nothing ventured, nothing gained – come the April 8th Solar Eclipse. This is the best time to start building on something that will likely deliver in the next couple of months.

Communications are opening up again and may take you to a place where you exchange some very useful information with important people. What you find out now will inform decisions to be made during the second half of the month.


TOP TIP of the month: This April not only you have the force to find yourself (meaning your strong points), but this is also the best disposition for improving your external image and for showing your leadership qualities.

For the win

Because Mercury is in your sign throughout April, there will be a lot of mental energy going on, meaning that your need for control will also increase, especially when this overlaps the Sun square Pluto aspect. This may come into your life with an intense experience, a trigger for major change in the lives of many Aries natives.

During the second half of the month, you will feel more at ease to express your personality and will tend to be less agitated and less prone to frustration. You are now at your best behaviour to interact with others, new or old acquaintances, friends or family.

The Venus Neptune sextile on the 16th will reveal some personal strength features, as shown by someone close.

You will tend to feel very special during the following days. It may be that helping someone in need will also increase your personal self-esteem.

With the Sun entering your second house on the 20th, money aspects will finally be in the spotlight. This April is a build-up month, one in which you realize what you should be monetizing in the short term.

Some natives may be in luck and might get profit from speculations but it may be wise not to risk it all. Some deceptive signals may throw you off around the 23rd, but it appears that you are bouncing back up to embrace a positive change that may follow in your financial life.

Another word of caution would be not to allow any material benefits move you away from your life principles and moral values because you will likely be penalized by karma later on, if you allow this to happen now.


Astrological aspect of the month: The New Moon on April 15th is beyond well aspected for you, a great moment for a fresh start and exciting new changes. However, please don’t forget about steadiness and being determined to actually lead to completion the goals you set out now.

Love is in the air

April 24th and the very last week of April will debut under the Mars sextile Jupiter aspect, one that increases your strength and concentration and props you to tackle any difficult issue life may throw at you.

Benefiting from both idealism and spirit of initiative, you will be more prone to taking risks and will be on a competitive streak. During this time, business will go hand in hand with personal life and it wouldn’t come as a surprise if you fall for a business partner.

This is not to say that you are going to allow yourself to get distracted, on the contrary, you will be more diplomatic and more protective of your own interests now, than ever before. This is the time to attract important people on your side.

As Venus is moving into Gemini on the 25th, you know understand why we’ve mentioned ripples in the love area. The single natives will be most benefitted by this but surely, old relationships could see some emotional times and should benefit from this Venusian stay to iron out any recent issues.


Watch out! The Mercury square Mars disposition at the beginning of April may lead to rushed decisions and some degree of aggressiveness. You will be quick to jump to conclusions; therefore, your attitude may lead to serious disagreements.

From selfishness to self-worth

May want to rest more than you feel you need these days as your body may be sensitive to some foods and effort and you can only recharge from this through proper sleep.

Mars conjunct Pluto on the 26th, will bring a tendency toward selfishness and a sole interest in personal matters. Some natives may lust for power, others for the high position in their relationship. In any case, you are more prone to doing things you will regret latter.

You may also decide to bury your head in the sand and pretend you don’t see any of the struggles of those around. You are trying to amass energy and keep it only for yourself.

Some natives will act without reason in order to prove themselves to a love interest but may not realize that this is actually a way to drive that person away from them.

The single natives may actually find that the more preoccupied they are with practical aspects of their own lives, especially money issues, the more attention they are going to get from potential love interests.

Don’t forget that this April is also about building expertise so don’t leave any learning opportunities at work or outside of it, go to a waste. You may not be able to see the scope of all now but it will be revealed sooner than you’d think.

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