Aries August 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-07-26, 3378 views

While romance is not going to be necessarily top priority this August, it seems that this comes just right as to allow you to excel in other areas, especially at work. And speaking of that, given that Mars and Saturn are guarding your career, I would say this is the time for sustained work and bold actions.

Remember that you shouldn’t succumb to laziness and just try whatever comes into your mind. At times, intellectual effort will prevail over hard work so don’t be afraid.

And to support this, you seem keen to try things on your own and will probably make good use of the weekends. Those with their holidays planned will manage to have a good time and shouldn’t get into too much trouble, not something to ruin the mood totally at least.

But some might not be able to relax entirely, either because of the thoughts they have about what they left at home or because they are worried about work matters.

What you care for

In general, August promises to be a good month for those interested in strengthening their spiritual bond and at times, you could even help others that might be going through a rougher patch.

And who knows, perhaps out of such a connection, started by helping someone else, you will manage to enter a fructuous collaboration.

It appears that you are a lot more attentive to the value you give of things around you and this will be great for those who are shopping for important items because there is no risk for them to fail or to be disappointed of their choice afterwards.

At the same time, around the 10 you might find room to fit in some care for you own body, either that we are talking about serious medical interventions or simply going to the spa or for a massage.

You are very active and interested in reading about your body but try not to go to the other extreme and become too hypochondriac either.

Keeping yourself grounded

Try to keep your feet on the ground and in case this is not possible on your own, it wouldn’t be bad to exchange opinions with someone close, perhaps someone from your family with greater life experience than you.

Jupiter and Venus together are contemplating luck and this should translate into some interesting opportunities for you, especially if you keep an open mind and are not afraid to get out of your comfort zone.

Some errands around town are not going to fall when you want them to but at least, chances are with you. Mind the small print and in case there is someone you resort to for advice, don’t hesitate to do so.

Don’t imagine that everything will run smoothly because some tense moments ought to break the calm, some coming exactly from inside your home. There might be some discussions you need to carry and as well some appearances that you will try to salvage.

Keeping promises

As the middle of the month comes, you might notice that you give a greater importance to responsibilities and to the situations where you have given your word.

This might create a bit of a headache as well because you might find yourself in the situation where you need to give up something personal because of something you have promised you would do.

Again, the motive of value and respect comes into game and in case you feel neglected or disrespected, it will take you a while to forget the episode. And we are not talking here about forgiveness because this is something you will surely not grant this August.

Mercury retrograde might touch a bit on problems of the heart and your own emotional expression, but again, you don’t seem necessarily ready to explore that and you will probably prefer to avoid these moments.

A bit of travel

Some natives will have to deal with foreign problems or will travel far away from home. Friends will be an interesting surprise this month as you can count on them and as well they might bring a breath of fresh air and peace in a moment you really need it.

You might notice some abrupt changes as the month comes to an end but on the short term, you should rest assured that nothing really changes. Perhaps this is some kind of taster so you know what awaits for you later on.

This won’t prevent you from being all irascible and snapping at almost anything. Be careful not to react too emotionally at work because there is no need to ruin your image over something so temporarily.

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