Aries August 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-07-26, 3842 views

This August is going to bring interesting news for natives who are willing to listen and who want to broaden their horizon. Although, or exactly because for some this might be a holiday season, it seems that Aries will have many chances to move ahead of competition in a lot of domains.

Heated times may come in respect to love life as well as it seems that you are finally ready to make one step ahead and reconsider what you have going on in your life at the moment.

This month should speak about accomplishments you achieve as a couple and future plans. For some this might be the right time to show their support to their partners and perhaps initiate something they long wanted to make happen.

Chances and lessons to learn

The first week of August should be quite an easy one, with little demands from work but perhaps an occasion to do an activity you haven’t done before and who might have been reserved to other colleagues in the past.

You will be quite happy about this and may even challenge yourself to do things the best you can. This is a great moment for meditation and lessons learned as well so don’t let yourself fooled by what is going on all right because there are other things that you might have to think about.

Towards the 7th, you shouldn’t avoid interactions with your friends, even if at times you might feel like avoiding them. There may be some occasions to discover secrets or at least past events you didn’t know about and that might put things in a perspective for you.

Relationship life

You will crave new ideas and new experiences during the second week of the month and it seems that this might end up driving your partner a bit crazy. Given that the stars are looking out for you, no major conflict is about to break.

This is not to say that you can do or ask for anything. There are boundaries that you shouldn’t be crossing at this point. You might also be quite surprised by your partner changing their mind in regard to something that was already decided.

Don’t act that surprised and prepare yourself with alternative solutions in case this happens. You shouldn’t take this too personal either.


Venus is not going to let you keep your head down and it seems that Mars is also pushing you to try new things. On the other hand, try not to impose your will too harsh in a work context where you are not necessarily in the position to do so.

Whilst in the past these things might have been overlooked, it seems that now, everyone ought to keep in the confines of their positions.

And speaking about things that were all right in the past but not so fine now … it seems that this august is not going to let you indulge, and in case you do, then you will suffer the consequences.

Especially around the 17th, you should be very careful with your health, what you eat or drink and how much rest you actually get. It seems that it is only up to you to take care of yourself now.

Surprises ahead

The second half of August will be beneficial to all practical activities around the house but try not to sign in for too many commitments or else you will end up with no free time and feeling way too overwhelmed by what is going on around you.

Some natives are keen to help friends as well but the matters at hand might be beyond their expertise. Try not to dispense any advice you are not sure of and refer people to specialists, especially when you know the right person.

After the 20th, do expect some surprises or at least news coming from distant family members, whether a visit is announced or you get to catch up at a gathering of some kind.

Beware of showing your lack of sympathy towards certain people because although on the spot this might not create an issue, you might still end up living the consequences of it.

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