Aries August 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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There are some leading positions of the heavenly bodies this August that are going to make wonders with your plans. You may have hoped for these changes for a while now and you will even sense that you are so close to completion now.

The main word of advice for this month is to take your time and meditate on the timeline or particular events. This will give you an idea of the steps and effort required for achievements and as well as remind you of the lessons to be learned from the less successful moments.

Matters of power are going to come in play and you may find yourself, especially at the start of the month, a little too frustrated by the influence some people have. It may be that you are even taking this out on your partner.

This August provides unrestricted access to a series of opportunities that are linked to the work domain, although your perspectives and fears may limit how many of them you can tap into. Difficulties of perception and unexpected fears of action may also occur, during the second half of the month, in your private live.

You may feel the need to isolate yourself from your friends during particular days, perhaps in an attempt to recalibrate your moral compass. There will be need for some showing off and some “fake it till you make it” so you wouldn’t want to get into too much of an ethical stance this month.


Astrological aspect of the month: On the 7th, Venus trine Mars favours social activities and your popularity may soar. Since Venus is involved, some of this may include some romance prospects as you never know who you will meet.

Drama loving behaviours

You appear to start off August in a good mood and full of creativity, although, in respect to romantic affairs, you may want to be careful and slow down. It will be very easy to lose your head and see things that are not actually there.

Of course that this is rather hard to put in practice, especially during the first week of the month in which you will let your emotions run freely. Hopeful that with the Venus square Saturn limiting influence on your love life, occurring around the 9th, you will be able to distance yourself from what you are living and look at things in a rather objective light.

A part of you will obviously love some good relationship drama especially if you have great friends and confidantes with whom you can share this.


Watch out! But you also need to understand that with Mercury retrograde during this time, a lot is linked to impaired communications and not really to any other underlying dramatic cause.

Partnerships may be enhanced as we go along through the month, especially as Venus moves into your seventh house, that of collaborations. You will appear a lot more calculated than you usually are when it comes to new endeavours and may even co-opt people in your family to help you.

It may be that keeping them busy will reduce the amount of unnecessary discussions and their criticism about how you may be spending your time.

The only word of caution refers again to the influence of Mercury retrograde which will accompany you until the 18th.

So don’t expect to go too far with business negotiations because of it. However, those who are quick to react on opportunities and who are agile in communications and making themselves understood, have quite a few chances to beat this challenging disposition and place themselves ahead of the crowd.


TOP TIP of the month: Surprises may surface in a work matter and you may find that you have been right all along about the intentions of a certain person. It is best to stay out of any conflicts but may want to be open about what you know in a transparent way.

A real charmer

As you enter the second half of the month, you have a few days to chill out and it is advisable to spend them with your family. This will of course continue under the influence of the Mercury sextile Venus disposition occurring on the 18th. This is formed by two very loving planets and will instil energy but also diplomacy in you, tempering your character in the right areas.

You may find yourself encouraging cooperation between other people and taking the position of a referee. This might not be very exciting for your adventure-craving self but luckily, you will be so charmed about the novelty of what you are doing that you won’t even realize that it may have some drawbacks.

This is a great moment to ask for favours because you will be so charming that it will be very difficult for people to refuse you, especially if you mention something you also did previously to help them.


Enhance! This is a great month for artistic endeavours of all sorts so allow yourself to experience different forms of art and perhaps fall in introspection when vising an exposition or during a classical music concert.

The August Full Moon occurring on the 26th may not necessarily arrive with the best conclusions for you, in the sense that your expectations may not be met and there may still be need for you to put extra efforts in.

But this disposition makes it very easy for you to work hard on what you want to accomplish and may come with opportunities to enhance your skills. As we are nearing September, maybe you need to finally make up your mind about that course you wanted to follow.

There may be a downside to this astrological aspect as well, that will make itself felt in the way you interact with your family. There is this superiority about you, that surfaces when it is proven that you have been right about a particular matter. Those around may be nice to you and put up with this because they love you, but even they have a limit so don’t force it.

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