Aries December 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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This month, there is a lot of raw energy around that you can benefit from and shape in whatever way you wish. This will make you feel more comfortable and at ease with your choices and give you a chance to take more risks.

If some of your attention is directed at tying lose ends and preparing for the New Year, all will not be in vain. However, you will also be battling a tendency to let yourself easily distracted so you will need to be mindful about this more than ever.

Some issues may crop around unresolved issues in relationships, now that everyone is reuniting for the holidays and there may be some fires that you need to put off in the family, perhaps following discussions that you may have started previously.

Luckily, you are inclined to choose tolerance and compromise over showing your self-importance, so you will take on the pacifier role.

December highlights

It appears that you are welcoming the first week of the month with some confusion as to where your priorities should stand but luckily, this is not for very long.

Very serious most times, you will be engaging in diverse discussions and will feel more open about sharing your own experiences and stories from the past. Your friends, especially, will be very pleased by this change of attitude.

On the 7th, with the new Moon in Sagittarius, there may surface a notable revelation about your personality, perhaps you will be more inclined to study or to make all efforts to materialize your aspirations.

The Mars sextile Pluto aspect occurring on the 17th will make you more focused on your objectives and will make you feel as if there is a very powerful driving force inside you, some form of primal survival instinct.

The full Moon in Cancer on the 22nd will make your revisit some responsibilities you may have forgotten about and to make sure that you deal with any promises you may have made to those. This will be time around which you will be most focused on your objectives for 2019.

Love life this month

Your emotions will not really play a major card this month as it seems that there isn’t much astral activity in this sector and Venus has sort of turned its back on you with this regard.

This is not to say however that you can’t continue building at a relationship you have just started or keep on searching for the right one.

It may be that your intuition is not at its best, but the Moon activity will try to amplify your emotional reactions, at least around the 7th and the 22nd.

Take this time to look around you and observe the relationships that are in front of you, see what is working and what is not in them and keep those lessons for yourself.

Career aspects in December

Although you will not be winning much this month without putting the due effort in, you are going to be very pleased with yourself and with how things are advancing.

You benefit from eloquence most of the time so will be able to send exactly the messages you want and motivate people to help you. All creative endeavours that involve working in a team will end up with extraordinary results.

Be mindful about any unexpected expenses and try to stay away from accruing any debt. You are great at negotiating, but this is not a reason why you should succumb to the temptation of shopping for things that are not necessary.

Health and wellbeing

As you start the month under the conjunction of your ruling planet, Mars, with Neptune, you will find that you are rather predisposed towards idealizing your situation and dreaming with your eyes open.

The other side of the coin with this behaviour may refer to a tendency to also be more suspicious and to easily doubt everything that is going on around you. These disproportionate expectations may result in some physical symptoms as well.

You may use some spiritual healing techniques but given that the holidays are just around the corner, it is best to engage in pleasant relationships with your family members to boost your mood and relieve any stress-based symptoms.

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