Aries February 2016 Horoscope

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There won’t be as many moments of quiet as you’d like this February and you will kind of have to get used to the whole agitation. Some travel opportunities might get excitement levels high but you don’t need to set your hopes too high because we are not talking about a real holiday or a retreat but more like short term, short distance, maybe business related projects.

Pressured to decide

For some natives this might mean a foreign conference where they will have the ability to network but also might be put face to face with a temptation we will discuss later on, temptation that comes right on spot in a time when any personal questions are rising.

Keeping your calm under pressure is one of the things you ought to learn these next days but building confidence in your own abilities and in your own decisions is going to take a while.

Venus is putting a shoulder however into that by building some profitability chances for you due to her position in your career house but this protection can only be used with prudence and planning.

So don’t expect any lottery winnings because this is more like a favorable occasion for those who have worked for it.

Choosing your words

After the 7th you might also be put in a position to choose between partnerships and decide with which you want to continue further.

This might raise questions about the quality of those you are spending time with but will also help you decide faster. You are not falling for words but instead you are paying attention to small details.

Not later than this, given the new Moon on the 8th, you will get some sort of break and some help in reconnecting with those dear to you, either family or friends.

Towards the middle of the month, some of the agitation we’ve been mentioning in the beginning is going to clear out and you might see certain things in a different light.

However, it is up to you to discern between them, maybe even in a situation that demands you to choose whether it is white or black and to act accordingly.

What are you missing out on

Surprisingly enough it seems that asking for help from those close to you is not going to do anything but bring you even in a softer spot because not everyone is on the same track as you and it might be difficult to explain them which are your expectations and what you want to do.

Not to mention that you will also feel obliged to return the favor and you’ll probably spend a lot of time trying to seize such an opportunity in order to get over with this quickly.

You are dominated by this fear of missing out in February and this will become apparent in several days, especially closer to the weekends. This is a moment of being sociable for you although Mercury won’t really let you have a sugar coated discourse.

What you might not notice however is that there is no need for too much planning, especially when it comes to your spare time.

Just go with the flow and everything that happens will probably be good enough for that moment. There is no need to think about what could have been or what you could be doing instead.

Remember what you know

If you really ought to do something, make sure you go out and about and keep your perspectives open, especially if you are being proposed some enriching experiences you haven’t tried before.

Towards the end of the month you might be faced with a bit of a dilemma in terms of where your feelings go and what you are actually attracted to.

This means that you will either be tempted in a completely different direction or that you will have to reconcile a terrible desire for passion with the peacefulness and affection you are actually receiving and which, at that particular moment will seem very boring and lacking in substance.

Already understanding

Professionally speaking you are in some sort of balancing position for now, however, do avoid getting involved into personal discussions there, no matter if you are smart enough to keep yours private.

You won’t prove anything and you might even lose some respect if you start talking about others, not to mention gossip.

Also, at work a little bit more perseverance but without any added idealism has the potential to get you far, especially if you manage to surpass any ambiguities and misunderstandings ought to rise.

You need to demand from yourself exactly what you are demanding from others without taking into consideration any weaknesses.

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