Aries February 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-01-22, 3953 views

We are going to talk a lot about responsibilities this February, ranging from things you need to do as part of your job to promises you’ve made to those dear to you. It may be a month of celebration and love for some but the majority of natives are quite busy acting up like the grownups they should generally be.

It isn’t that something dramatic is about to happen or anything, this is more of a problem of how you react to things you can’t control. And at times, this seems to overwhelm you.

Beware of excess work as well, it might not take you to the places you imagine and might end up quite disappointed. It may be that someone from work is also blatantly putting some obstacles in front of you.

Some highlights

There may be a moment when you are decided to confront them but for the sake of everyone else around, you will most likely decide not to make a scene.

It is going to be the more complicated if this person is some sort of authoritative figure and they are doing this to others as well.

There is a lot of desire to live a lot of things at the same time but the lifestyle you are used to is quite different from this so you won’t be achieving much.

What does happen is that you will most likely be left longing for things you imagine would be perfect for you, but which are completely unattainable, not at this point in your life at least.

But what I would suggest is to be more reluctant about these things because you never know if something actually suits you before you have tried it. Better to be safe than sorry, even if this means some added frustration here and there.

Great time for idealists

Some of the days you will sort of acknowledge the energy excess that is around you, with Jupiter and Mercury being quite supportive to you. On the other hand, some natives might feel stuck by this and not know what to deal with first, thus ending up not doing much.

This is a great period for ambitious plans but not so much of making them come true so you should beware of initiating any action, especially if you are not sure of the ones you should count on.

We’ve mentioned in the beginning that this is still a month of love, and not only for Valentine’s day. It seems that Venus manages to breakthrough those stubborn thoughts of yours and you will benefit from some days in which you will be more emotional and open to these things, than usual.

Information coming your way

You might find that some work collaborations or even important professional partnerships are doing just fine without you and thus will manage to take some days off, or at least get some things off your mind. A friend might come with a great idea, but again, decisions should be left for the future.

A useful piece of advice will most likely come from someone dear in the family, but it seems that either it is not the right time for this yet or the right time has long passed.

You might be fighting this time difference in other aspects of your personal life, perhaps in your relationship with the young in the family, where you want to intervene in something, but don’t manage to do it when things are brewing.

Romance and more

Your partner will try to force you into talking a bit more about your feelings but this doesn’t really happen when you are most open, unless they are very intuitive, thus meaning that you will be quite uptight with them for some time.

It is not like you want to be on your own, on the contrary, you will avoid any isolation this February, it’s just that you feel there are more important things to discuss than a perpetual reflection about your feelings, who, in all fairness, are there, since you are there.

Talking about reflection, being so absorbed in the present, will help you avoid some unwanted nostalgia coup, especially those who are bound to meet, most likely unexpected, with someone who didn’t mean a lot for them in the past but who surely left a mark there.

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