Aries February 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-01-27, 9160 views

Don’t let yourself be fooled, although things may look calm on the surface, February is going to present itself with quite a few surprises, especially due to the multitude of planetary aspects going on.

During the Venus square Jupiter transit, we are trying to create deep connections with those around but at the same time, we keep pretending that everything is all right, that we are detached and not easily influenced.

There may also be some choices to be made, most likely in the home aspects of your life. You will ponder on some for longer than expected and get done with others very quickly.

Being involved

You may find that being very social will help the dynamics of your relationship as well, perhaps by making you feel that you are doing exactly what everyone else is doing.

On Sunday, the 11th, Venus enters the sign of Pisces, therefore immediately making you be more open to romantic connections. You are more in tune with your partner’s desire and more empathic with those you love. Whilst not ready to make extreme sacrifices for those dear, this is a time when we mentally prepare for such occasions.

However, there may also be some words of caution, especially for the single natives, in that you shouldn’t run after people, if something is not meant to be, you shouldn’t force it, or else the outcome will be more destructive.

Listen to your intuition

With both a partial solar eclipse and a new Moon, the middle of February is surely charged with positive, creative energy and a great time to implement sustainable change.

There will be numerous discussions that will help new ideas brew into your mind and you will embrace humanitarian endeavors. There may be some controversy and debate but people are generally more open to novelty.

Practical breakthroughs will help you keep on top of your chores at home and you will feel free to pursue other activities and strengthen your confidence.

The new Moon in Aquarius will teach you to be more malleable and less prone to negative thoughts. You will also benefit from a couple of days in which you can mend errors of the past and start fresh, even though this may not be the easiest thing to do.

Getting involved

Mars is a planet of action whilst Neptune is more about observing and waiting for others to take charge, so you can imagine why it will be very difficult for you to focus on accomplishing action oriented activities. There will be a lot of confusion, and also goals that are not directed as they should.

This February also has some chivalrous aspects and you may find yourself captivated by someone else’s love story or trying to play matchmaker.

You will actively seek situations where you can be the referee or harvest as many controlling powers as possible.

Some natives may be earning for celibate whilst others will simply want to escape, through a voyage, from what they define as the limits of their relationship.

Being stubborn

The very last few days of February will be all about quick reaction and hot-headed decisions. You seem to react to physical stress in emotional ways, perhaps even self-censoring yourself to not get into further trouble.

You will take negativity in your arms and pretend you can’t really be of help. You don’t want to be put in the position of the messenger because you interpret this as way too much stress.

When Mercury squares Mars, as it is the case this end of month, energies are intense and a lot of meaning and pressure is put on how, when and why things are communicated.

There may be some risk of you engaging in aggressive debates, but only in the unlikely event where you come across someone threatening or radicalizing an idea or principle that is dear to you. You will, of course, as influenced by Mars, feel the need to strike whilst the iron is still hot.

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