Aries February 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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Dear Aries, prepare for an active February, which comes with a great capacity to focus and a desire to accomplish many things. Most of the month will be great for meetings and all sort of social outings.

But it’s not all about freedom of action as this is also a moment to look inside yourselves and to prepare for wise decisions in all aspects of your life.

Keep in mind the following

The first week of February is about exhibiting inner strength and proving an example for others. This is a time to be in the spotlight and you are encouraged to engage with as many people as possible.

Remember that likes selfish individuals and you should make sure that you appreciate those around for what they bring in your life.

This is a good time for some to review and re-evaluate their priorities, also to question whether the development of their personality is happening in the direction they had in mind last month.

Those who are on a good path nowadays must not be blinded by success and might need to be careful to any envy showing up around them.

Towards the middle of February there will be a very exciting and stimulating period for mental activity, communication and travel.

Because of Mars’ transit in your second house, you will be very careful with your possessions and your attitudes towards money might vary widely.

The expenses and income you have and the purchases you make will be very special to you during this time and perhaps will hide certain meanings. You give a lot of value to things you used to ignore and some Arieses may be more practical than usual.

We’ve mentioned a focus on communication earlier and this seems to be happening because with Mars in Taurus, you feel very free to express yourself and will do it in various ways.

As the month nears its end, you can also have an interest in studies, reading and, in general, the mental and verbal exchange with people in your environment. You will be more inclined than usual to passionately discuss any issues that are of interest to you.

Aries love horoscope for February

In February, your intention will be to seduce and to up your game instead of dedicating yourself exclusively to your lover.

It seems that you are willing to do anything to defend your interests even if you are not the most honest.

You will know what to say and what to do to attract everyone and get attention, but you can count on your feelings and on your intuition to assess situations and touch people and hearts as you go along.

Jupiter’s activity will help you increase your popularity, since it will encourage and support your efforts, thus promoting your success.

You will also be keen to guard your reputation so won’t behave in an extravagant manner.

During the first week, do not hesitate to show your feelings and don’t look for excuses if you are caught being way too honest. Your partner will surely understand.

From the 18th onwards you will be well inspired to take a moment away from the sounds of the world, just in the company of your loved one.

Those natives in a couple may not be as expressive as they might expect. They will be too absorbed by other conquests and the improvement of other aspects of their lives, which will be the main objectives.

The single ones, however, will have something more in mind than flirting in February. They will seek for something serious, a connection that matches their criteria.

It is important to note though that your lively social life and your power of seduction could help you advance in your career, establish your reputation and transmitting your ambitions.

Money and career highlights

This February is going to be a positive month for resolving any legal matters that might be going on, whether its claims against someone and even situations to defend your position if someone sued you for some reason.

A special time for business owners who can advance faster than usual but there is also a need for caution with regards to any risky decisions. So don’t gamble it all on one choice.

For those who have decided to open a new business this month, this is an activity best initiated before the 15th of February if you want to get things off the ground really quickly.

With Venus in the tenth house, you are more likely to engage with people you would otherwise avoid and this might bring about some interesting opportunities.

And for those looking for a new job, it seems that the astral energies fully support you to find what you have been looking for some time.

And also, one more thing, for everyone who is caught up at work, remember that you need to keep some kind of work-life balance and also, to be careful about the details you are letting slip out to your colleagues, about your private life.

Your health this February

All Arieses need to be mindful, especially around the 12th, to get enough sleep and also enough breaks during the day.

There is a bit of a predisposition towards sleep disorders and gastrointestinal problems derived from the nerves this month. So don’t get all agitated because of small reasons.

If you haven’t already returned to your exercise routine or haven’t started one as a resolution for the New Year, please note you still have time to do this.

February will give you the strength you need to put aside bad habits and return to a food routine that ensures you get all the vitamins and nutriments that you need.

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