Aries January 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-12-21, 4315 views

It seems that 2017 starts for you with a month of wishes, desires and constant search of something. This may happen either because what you are going through triggers these expectations or just because you feel like the first month of the year is the best time to plan ahead and set your wishes straight.

It is like someone takes a giant magnifying glass and applies it to your reactions, especially to those interactions you have with those dear to you.

With the entrance of Venus in Pisces on the 3rd, your love life enters in quite a spin and you seem to be a lot more focused on making things right. On the other hand, new emotions might surface, some for which you might not actually be ready.

Different interpretations

This might prompt you into making some choices that you wouldn’t normally make. It isn’t for me to say whether these will be wrong or not. But the good news is that, regardless of the consequences, you will be quite at peace with what you’ve done.

What is so great about this January is the fact that you are more in tune with your feelings that usual and although at a glance you might appear quite lost and undecided, you are actually feeling comfortable with yourself at the moment.

This doesn’t mean that a need for certain change won’t come up, especially during the second half of the month.

On the 12th, Mercury reenters Capricorn and is set to stay there for almost a month, time in which you are prompted to look at your studies or to how involved you are in your field of work. A great time for connections, whether for yourself or others.

Leading others

You might play the role of the facilitator, for someone close, perhaps a friend who needs some introduction in a circle you are quite familiar with. This favor won’t go unmentioned so don’t feel as if you are being used or something.

In the same sense, this is the best moment to connect with spirituality and even if meditation seems too complex for you, just take some time to spend on your own, it will most likely make a difference.

After the 15th, the horizon is a lot broader, perhaps because some natives have to travel for work. You are enjoying being exposed to different worlds but don’t feel that adaptable.

Quick to try new things but won’t probably bring them back with you.

Progression, whether in job or personal life, will come in play but you are feeling physically tired and prefer to postpone thinking about it. Luckily you are given some kind of grace period, although if we are talking about personal life, your partner won’t be very happy about this.

Sensory display

Around the 23rd you will be going through some sort of creative period. Although you might expect this to be useful at work, perhaps help you move that block, it will actually make things even more difficulty because you are easily distracted.

You take stimuli from all over the place and all sensory experiences will be exacerbated. Some sort of challenge might come from someone in the family in the shape of a problem they have to deal with, but again, it is up to how you interpret it if it is a problem or not.

On this occasion, you might be blamed that you are not taking things seriously enough. This comes with a warning for all dealing with work projects, because deadlines seem to be closer than we can appreciate.

Tense but full of opportunity

The last week of the month seems to find you a lot more instilled at work, ready to learn from past mistake and trying not to repeat them in the future. This also calls for a change in attitude, perhaps around some distracting colleagues.

In the case of some natives, this might coincide with an agitated time because of external supervision or the preparation of some kind of report and needless to say that the nerves will be stretched at maximum.

I would say it’s a good moment to show how you can overcome these obstacles and why you are a worker to depend on, especially if the boss is around.

A friendship connection may require a piece of advice, whether this comes from you directly or you are just the messenger in the situation.

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