Aries January 2022 Monthly Horoscope

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This start of a new year, you’re going to feel like there’s a real energy around, and energy that keeps on moving you forward. Regardless of whether you’re in an old relationship or in one that is just starting to progress, things are going to come together.

There’s a force driving and dragging you, regardless of your avoidance efforts. You won’t be able to escape it. Just enjoy the romantic flowers that will appear in your romantic sight.

You’re going to sprout, with the help of your heartbeat. The land will be fertilized, just like the intention you will have towards someone specific. Your career and home sectors will be highlighted this month, and it’s very likely you will feel in survival mode when Saturn with Chiron will take the center stage.

The astral patterns from November 12th, 2021 will now demand your attention, close to January 13th and a bit after. In case you haven’t taken good care of yourself, then illness might be something bothering you. Pay attention, as you might not have just a simple cold. Health will be in the mind of everyone close to mid-month.

Seeing there’s a viral threat in the world at the moment, you have to be very careful, at least more than you usually are. You will be extraordinarily pressured mid-month, so your immune system is going to be challenged. Any health imbalance lurking below your radar will surface on at the time, seriously side-tracking you when you least expect or need it.

Don’t be too merry, rest, and eat well. As Mars will come in contact, on January 28th, with Pluto, you will have situations and settings for some explosions in your relationship. While these experiences will take their seeds from the past, they will still remain new, so you need to look at them with a pair of fresh eyes.

There will be plenty of potential, for traveling, educational opportunities, achieving what you have set your mind to, for as long as you don’t overreact when it comes to what will be happening. While the Sun will arc through your sign’s Solar 10th House, this will be a time to be a shining star in your career.

However, you may have the impression that you’re being held back by your personal life. You shouldn’t think “If only”. Manage what you have and be graceful when it comes to accepting your current limitations. Starting with March 21st, expect things to improve.

January 2022 Highlights

Aries will have a month with plenty of events. The Red planet, Mars, is going to take over, giving them plenty of energy that can’t be kept in control. Your willpower is going to grow, so you shouldn’t have too many problems making your resolutions for the New Year’s.

Thanks to the planet Mars, you will have a much stronger sexual energy. In case you happen to be seriously involved with someone, be careful, as your world may be turned upside down. Around work, you will have the tendency to be self-centered and care about yourself only.

Even when feeling that others can’t keep it with you, give your best to bring your contribution and help those you are working with. For the Fire sign Aries, the month of January will be one of defeating ambitions. You will have the rest you deserve.

If you isolate yourself from the surroundings, then you will recharge your batteries and move on. Challenges will await. It will seem you that your energy is freezing for this period.

Meanwhile, you will expand your own capacity to be stimulated and receive information. If you want your energy to be consumed in specific ways, then read and exercise from time to time.

Aries Love Horoscope for January

For your love life, there’s only green light. The planet Venus is going to send you passionate fire bolts that come from Capricorn, so your quarter is going to start.

Make sure the start-up is not at all fast, or you could end up being uncomfortable or just faced with situations that seem complicated. You will face some difficulties making distinctions between what love and what desire are, regardless of if your crush happens to be real or not.

Remain faithful to whom you are. You’re going to use all your determination and willpower in the world to impose your own half. And you won’t be stopped from continuing with your projects, nor with imposing your ideas.

You will not listen to any objection and in turn make tasks more difficult. In other words, you will be intractable. The game will be changed, and there won’t be any problem with it. There will be physical attraction between you and a stranger, and this attraction will blur your tracks.

Refocusing your mind, you will very rapidly find your balance, and you will delay. But your life won’t be sad, so if you throw yourself into something, like for example, if you go for something unexpected, you won’t have any regrets about it.

Career and Finances Horoscope

January will be a month in which your professional betterment shows some encouraging prospects. In spite of working very hard, it’s unlikely for you to materialize any expected gains. But work will still be pleasurable as a result of the best working conditions.

Don’t rely too much on your contacts. Just rely on your own work capacity and use it when having to escape difficult situations. You won’t gain what you expect from travels. Yet, if you go up North, good things might happen. All in all, January is a month in which you need to tread very carefully, relying mostly on the efforts you’re capable of making.

From a financial point of view, the results will be satisfactory because you will gain significantly, yet not without facing some difficulties. If you associate with people who are spiritually talented and learn, then you will complete all your projects successfully.

As a result of this, your working life will feel satisfactory, as well as more cultured and refined. You will realize what you have been focusing on and gain profits.

However, not without facing difficulties. Delays might be possible too, but at least you will be sure to have success. January will be a good month. You will achieve a lot and gain plenty of satisfaction from its passing.

Your Wellbeing This Month

According to the Horoscope, January is the month of new beginnings that have something to do with physical activities. Venus squaring with the Sun brings some tension for the Aries in January.

Don’t let yourself be carried away with drinking and eating. Stick with a healthy diet. You may not have the diplomacy you’re looking for, so don’t sign anything and postpone business deals.

You may have the tendency to be lazy and spend too much. The Horoscope says to do your duty and be careful with money.

On the 18th, the Full Moon in Cancer will bring your Fire sign tension. Don’t give into moodiness. At the same time, don’t care too much about what others think of you.

On the 20th, the Sun will move into Aquarius, giving you chances of leadership and increased productivity. You will have the support of others and mostly, your superiors. Ever since the 25th, Mars was in tension with your Sun, so the Horoscope says you should have restrained ambition.

Mercury, in backwards movement starting with January 14th, is going to re-enter Capricorn on January 27th, creating repetition on the mental plan through the first two decades.

Take advantage and correct your mistakes. For the last week of January plan a weekend only for yourself. The Moon makes it ideal for you to rest and analyze what happened.

Health Prediction

When it comes to the health sector, make sure you’re not stressed. Too much responsibility can be upsetting, so plan a daily routine if you want to be helped.

Be introspective and meditate so that you can access your inner world and remain in a balanced emotional state.

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