Aries July 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-06-23, 3645 views

The biggest of the challenges you are going to meet with this July concerns the eyes you throw to the past and the fact that you can’t sweat off some bad habits.

This is going to be a heated month with lots of aspects prompting you to action in your love life but at the same time, you are easily falling on a nostalgic path that brings unwanted personal demons to surface.

The fact that the month debuts with the New Moon and eclipse in Cancer does make you more prone to outbursts and to keeping your family close.

At this moment, they seem to be the only ones who get how you feel entirely. You will most likely feel more the influence of how you have been brought up and of the environment you’ve spent your youth years in.

One of the auspicious months for holidaying is here and of course this is another thing you can’t take your mind off. However, it seems that for some natives, a lot of pressure from work has gathered and it might not be that easy to escape it.

What troubles you on the inside

Mars in Scorpio is waking feelings you haven’t felt in a while and all of a sudden everything you do is measured by the amount of pleasure it brings. You also tend to be a lot more materialistic than usual.

Other than this, there is some internal turmoil, perhaps someone challenging you to do something or that view in the past telling you that there are things to amend.

This might have to do with someone in your family, either that you did them something wrong or they started it and then you took revenge. If it still troubles you, then the time is not lost to bring the matter in discussion and try to fix it or at least express how you feel.

On the short term this might make you even more emotional and difficult to handle but on the long term, you will find this solution to be the best.

The first two weeks will go as a breeze at work, for those who aren’t yet on holiday and some original ideas might help you lighten the workload further.

How do you work

After the 12th, Venus moves for you as to bring even more focus on your love life and what you want to get from your lover. You are demanding but not very concerned about what you are giving back in return.

Physical activity is advised, whether in bed or outside it and don’t think of sensual encounters only. There are many things you can do with your partner that can strengthen your connection and help you work as a team, perhaps play a sport together, like tennis.

The middle of the month catches you in a creative spree but you prefer to orient it in a false direction. There might be some educational opportunities lining up for you but at a first glance you are set to refuse them because you might not find them exciting enough.

What are you consuming your energy on?

You need a lot of motivation to move things and given the underlying disposition, this will most likely come in the shape of money. You ought to do whatever it takes and consume all your energy as long as it brings enough material gain.

Around the 20th of the month you prove that your power of introspection can clear even the most difficult of dilemmas, perhaps by helping a friend in need.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself because it seems that this logic only works for others and you tend to keep your own affairs in a comfortable blur for now.

Freeing yourself

When Sun reaches Leo, you might confront with a bit of nonsense from those close but once this has passed, you will actually notice that things are lining up for you.

Plans you’ve had in mind for a while are starting to catch contour and your arguments are finally being listened to.

Those days you might feel as if some shackles have finally fallen and you are free ad able to do whatever you want.

Beware though because this tends to come with a price and this time it is your health and the more you respect your free time and rest, the easier it is going to be.

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