Aries July 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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You are the master of your destiny as they say … however, this July, you may want to take it day by day.

Patience will be the main challenge, especially as you will most likely see other people advancing at a more rapid pace but you need to understand that what you do is special and perhaps that’s why it takes more time.

Some natives may feel that they are constrained in their train of thoughts and will try to seek, consciously or subconsciously, for some creative outlets to free themselves.

Since it’s the middle of the summer, why not be open to romance, even if it’s only going to be a heated summery fling.

During the second half of the month you will be more concerned about your career and perhaps be keener on taking new responsibilities if you think these can take you someplace good in your life.

Disciplined action will also come to play this month and perhaps you will be required to focused on particular activities for extended periods of time, which, in itself, may prove to be a real challenge.


Watch out! You are very assertive at work, perhaps because there is an underlying of enthusiasm, but be careful as people may not perceive this as you would wish for them to view it and some tensions may arise.

A fierce view

The month appears to debut with an interesting opposition, that of Mercury against Mars, taking place between the 3rd and the 6th of July. This is when you are going to be the most outspoken and this is exactly the peak risky time of you saying things you will then regret.

You experience a wide range of emotions and it appears that these days, there is nothing preventing you from exposing happiness, sadness, enthusiasm, guilt or frustration. Some of those around you may definitely not be ready for this outpour and most certainly cannot be forced to reciprocate it.

There may also be a spotlight on local travel and short-term education so you may find yourself seeking to train yourself, perhaps in order to be able to obtain a better position at work, when time comes.

Humanitarian efforts are going to be benefited although it will take you a while to move past your own needs and to be able to focus on those of others.


Astrological aspect of the month: The Solar Eclipse taking place on the 12th is in opposition with Pluto, a planet of both creation and destruction so you will benefit from a lot of raw power on your hands to both start something and destroy what doesn’t serve you anymore.

The Venus trine Saturn aspect occurring on the 14th is the ideal moment for debuting a long-term investment that could benefit either your financial or your professional life.

For some natives, this is definitely oriented towards a new romance that could bring unexpected joy in their lives.

Barriers of age, social status or any other stigma are not going to be considered and, if required, superhuman efforts will be shown, by both parts, to be able to enjoy this connection.

Aside from beautiful romance which will most likely accompany your life for the long term, there may also be some life lessons in store for you too.

There are also some great days for planning at the middle of the month so you may want to keep your head a bit cool at first, in order to set everything in motion.

Venus also trines Pluto on the 27th, meaning that any relationship that has just started will benefit from an added component of passion and strong sexual attractiveness.

It is going to be a real karmic pull and the relationship will most likely reach such an intense point that it may also start to hurt or perhaps impact on other aspects of life.


TOP TIP of the month: Unhealthy obsessions may surface this July but don’t view this as something that could torment you, but rather a part of the enjoyment of ride, the fact that you are confronted with your deepest feelings should not be a nuisance.

Emotional extremes thanks to the astrological activity

With Mercury retrograde starting the 26th and going through to the second week of August, you are going to be prompted to reminisce about the past and may be more drawn than usual to reconnecting with friends and acquittances, in an attempt to relive some of those times.

For some natives, this is going to be a fun and exciting way of spending their free time but others, the more emotional ones, may be a bit disappointed to properly see how everything has changed and how nothing is anymore how it used to be.


Enhance! The good news is that there will be connections that may benefit one’s business life and some very prosperous agreements may surface from negotiations started at casual social outings.

The month will end with a bit of an emotional bang, thanks to the Lunar Eclipse on the 27th, where the charge of feelings will be so high and you may struggle to content the extremes of emotions, either enthusiasm or anger.

You will appear to be very decisive and in control but deep inside, there will be a bit of a struggle. This at least, will keep your mind busy through some mundane, house activities that seem scheduled for the very last days of the month.

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