Aries March 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-02-25, 3818 views

March will be an exciting month, with whirlwinds of emotions, lucky days in rapid succession with less lucky days. There may be changes of circumstances that require quick action and decisiveness from you.

The first half of the month will tend to be more eventful than the second and with more reasons to pick yourself up and get motivated.

During the first half, under the influence of Mars trine Uranus, we tend to have more courage and be easily convinced to try new things. There is also this wish to improve what is around and bring novelty in one’s life.

With the second half of March less eventful, you will have a bit of time to catch your breath and, who knows, maybe move away from some anxieties you have developed. Once at peace, you will then have some time to think of what your plans are for April.


Venus trine Jupiter, the aspect under which you start the month, should enhance your generosity and your attention to other people. Anything that has a social component will be benefited, even if it’s just making plans for a night out with friends.

You may also feel a bit nostalgic and will want to catch up with friends you haven’t seen in a while. Try not to exaggerate with chasing them, especially if they seem busy with their jobs.

Do you know which is the friend of nostalgia, one that visits often when the individual is not ready for action? It is the dear old idealism, under whose spell you will be for quite a while.

Up there on cloud nine, you will be dreaming about all sorts and will be reluctant to return with your feet on the ground, no matter who is pleading with you to do so, e.g. your partner.


Around the 13th, Venus in Aries will square Saturn, a tense aspect that may get you to reach some unwanted conclusions regarding your family life. It may be that you are finally fed up with some behaviors of your partner and will speak out.

With a little bit more understanding, you could move away from this without a big conflict ensuing. You may also want to plan something nice for the upcoming weekend, the 17th and 18th, as a make up gift.

Some natives will need to be reminded of their original feelings by someone else, perhaps someone older and wiser. On the bright side, you do benefit from a great sense of humor and may alleviate some of the tensions through light hearted jokes, especially if these are self deprecating.

Loving but strong

During the second half of the month you will somewhat be reminded that you are, deep inside, a loving person, perhaps due to the Mercury conjunct Venus aspect. You may find it easier to express yourself and will likely choose the right words, meaning that you shouldn’t avoid any endeavors that relate to public speaking.

You may also find that you are more sensitive to beauty of all kinds and will be appreciated for your eye to detail, especially at work.

Around the 20th, you may come across an interesting professional opportunity that is not there for long and you will want to grab that, even if this means muddling your relation with a colleague, who may be interested in this as well.

It also appears that on this occasion, you will not need to stress as much as usual and can still go about your daily activities, with minimal disruption.

Personal charm coupled with negativity

The Venus square Pluto aspect occurring on the 28th, will sort of make you feel that you need to choose and that you can’t really have it all. Perhaps you will feel less optimistic about things but luckily, you won’t lose hope entirely.

If anything, you will ponder on your priorities and then end up being more motivated in achieving the goals you set.

Personal desires may stray out of control for a while during this intense aspect and you may not really understand what to do with the charm you are exuding.

Not only that Mercury retrograde increases the potential for miscommunications and all sort of technology breakdowns, but you may also find yourself reluctant and anxious about travel.

It seems that you will temporarily lose confidence in such endeavors and will avoid closing any business deals during this period. Not a bad moment to plan what you want to do in the next month and to turn your attention to your circle of friends.

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