Aries May 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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This May is going to be a good month for professional activities of all sorts so you should be well aware that relations will have to be put aside a little.

However, when it comes to long-term relationships, you have nothing to worry about. Your partner will be understanding and will support you in everything you choose to do.

But in new relationships, that obviously requires time and effort, this lack of attention could cause problems. So, a matter of bad timing might come into play.

The month is very good for negotiations, reconciliations and important discussions too, but mostly in families or in business, rather than in love.

The problems of this month relate to your health and your mental state. You feel tired because you have been through a rather agitated and stressful period.

Enjoy your free time to relax, and do not forget to spend enough time in nature to recharge your batteries.

May highlights

Venus (in your sign) and Jupiter will form a harmonious triangle at the start of the month, one that is likely to bring novelty and spontaneity in your life. But be mindful because interactions with people from different social and professional backgrounds may also be strained, in case you are not tolerant and flexible enough.

It is important for us to understand what links us to other people and perpetually build up on this knowledge.

The first week of the month might also surface some tensions, perhaps with a superior, and you will need to be very careful to what you are saying because your combative attitude will surely come across.

A friend of yours might come with an interesting proposition, perhaps something that can increase your revenue. But contend your excitement until you see things happening because not all might be as easy as it seems at first sight.

During the second half of May, your communication and socializing skills are boosted. But be mindful of other’s feelings and don’t succumb to gossiping. Towards the end of the month you will also be quite precious about your beliefs and will combat anyone who stands in your way, even in the workplace.

The Mercury Jupiter opposition will surely contribute to your bitter tongue and might get you in some conflict. Also, around the 30th, it is best to avoid traveling too far from home or to unfamiliar places.

Aries love horoscope for May

With Venus in your own sign until the 15th, relationships and marriage remain the focus of your preoccupations. But this is only in your mind because otherwise, as explained above, practically, you will have other priorities.

You do not feel bad about personal magnetism, boldness, spontaneity and amorous enthusiasm so you will likely flirt around and enjoy your time.

For the married natives, the first part of May may surface something new in the couple and some decisions that have been postponed before might not be finally taken.

But first, do expect some struggle before reaching a consensus, especially if the plans are long-term and there is a lot at stake.

Avoid verbal aggression and the need to impose your point of view. Try to put yourself in the shoes of the other and see where they’re coming from.

Fortunately, the second half of the month is more harmonious and more conducive to communication. Call for diplomacy, open your soul to your partner and just have a good time with them.

Active themes in love life in the second half of the month, especially in new relationships, may be financial independence in the couple, the value you give to your couple and the value it gives you.

You may also find yourself dwelling between possessiveness and your own need for freedom and this might be another source of conflict.

On the other hand, there will also be several days this May in which you are going to show yourself as very responsible and dependable and this will obviously sweeten everything up.

Career progress this month

It's time to shine, Aries, just before the summer kicks in. The planet Venus, also known as the little benefactor, increases your charm by acting on the tenth house of your career and so you will make a good impression on the superiors this month.

But you will first need to keep your mouth shut on several occasions and not stir things unnecessarily.

This month, you are very interested in increasing your income. It is among your main desires and you will try to do everything you can to win more. You want to clarify everything about money and spending in your life, including in the extended family.

Changes are announced, some being needed, by dislocation, moving or unexpected surfacing of a new job post.

Other changes will be caused by you, on the basis of studies that you are now finishing or just starting out, as a promise of the future.

Also, you may find yourself caring a lot about your honour and image and so will choose to take the less travelled and more difficult road in your achievements, just to prove a point.

During the second half of May try not to hurry up because there is a big risk of stupid mistakes and misunderstandings if you rush head first without thinking.

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