Aries November 2015 Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-10-22, 1941 views

A lot of energy to put in at work, just make sure you are using it wise! You really want things to go well at work, there’s no doubt about it. But what the Aries November 2015 monthly horoscope strongly suggests and makes me warn you about, is the big difference between making things work by supporting people around you towards a common purpose and the idea of pushing them towards fulfilling your idea of perfection.

The risk for you to put on exaggerated demands is higher until November 12 whilst the ruler of your sign, Mars, is transiting Virgo.

The good news is that this time is quite proper for you to set priorities, to set and follow rules that will hopefully help you undertake a sustained effort without too much accompanying worries and unease.

Awkward feeling for partners

The astrological aspects involving Libra and Scorpio are reasons for challenging experiences you might face during November. You are focused on your benefit in exploiting joint resources in partnerships but, at the same time, chances are for you to experience an awkward feeling of being taking for granted or of being screwed.

The encounters of both Venus and Mars with the Black Moon in Libra are sensitive moments that might exacerbate this feeling.

At times, your behaviour within marriage, business collaborations or even during a law suit might appear out of all proportion to developments or eventual consequences. Aggressiveness could be stirred by fear of breaking offs or contract releases.

Acceptance versus revolt

If you are expecting answers from abroad or from important institutions, they will come. But given the mutable signs involved in the tense astrological aspects in the last decade of the month, I guess you will receive those answers with a lot of anxiety.

But the wisest response would be for you to take facts as they are and afterwards to reconsider your position with maturity and responsibility. Legal issues, education degrees or, in particular cases, the barriers to movement are things requesting solutions. Accepting things as they are, instead of revolting against them, is a first wise step. 

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