Aries October 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-09-25, 4056 views

This October seems to be paving the way for something more important than you can imagine for now. But it won’t be about practical changes. Actually we are looking at something more profound and some of your thoughts might take a completely different turn.

Some things might interfere between you and your loved one or between you and your professional plans and this will have you ponder on ways you should tackle things differently.

Some discussions with family will lead to unexpected findings and you will probably be a lot more inclined to listen to what they have to say than you were, in general.

Not to get ahead of myself, but it would be safe to say that the wisest and the most precious lessons are actually going to come from someone younger than you, and, most likely, with less life experience than you.

Way to go

The first week is under the shelter of Jupiter and the cruise of Mercury so no wonder you will feel a bit more emotional and ready to sit around and share how you feel.

A good time for deep and honest talks but at the same time, a good time for you to share more than your time. If there is someone you know you can help, don’t hesitate to do it, even if it requires you getting a bit out of your way to do that.

Communications are also favored, starting the second weekend of the month so it wouldn’t be a surprise if you feel more apt to get plans for work done at that time. Of course, you need not neglect family so it will take a fine balance to keep everything in harmony.

What is normal

Love matters are not that protected unfortunately this October, so a bit of quarrel here and there will be likely. However, not something that you need to really worry about. These clashes will actually help some, especially with setting their common interests.

Some practical matters around the house may be solved easier if done together, as well as some decisions pertaining to the other members of the family. You might feel some things slipping from your control, especially around the 15th but it might be just because you are stressing too much.

Something else that happens around the middle of October has to do with your hopes and expectations.

Perhaps Mercury retrograde is also meddling a bit but let’s try and not be negative about the whole thing. After all, there should be a meaning for everything that happens, we just haven’t figured it yet.

You will be keen to follow on a plan you’ve had for a while but you might have to face the present before anything else and you will figure that perhaps some things have changed.

How much in control can you be

Coming back to work, the second half of the month is most auspicious for travel related plans and as well for running short term errands. You might be in luck and get the help of a colleague but don’t take this for granted.

If you are doing a great job on your own, or at least this is the impression you are giving to everyone else, you might deter anyone willing to keep you company or give you a helping hand.

Around the 20th, you might be a bit too outspoken, but, depending on the subject, you will probably realize when you have gone too far. Don’t try to mend it on the spot because you might get into an even more sensible situation.

Friendship matters

The last few days might put you in a bit of a hot spot with some friends, but, again, not something that you can’t wittily come out of. Perhaps you have tried helping someone and someone else is feeling excluded or some other kind of teenage-like drama.

You may feel a bit frustrated because you can’t really show everyone where you think they are wrong. Some other social norms might come in the way during this period as well.

We may also have to talk about precaution and about not making any dietary excesses. In short, do not eat your feelings out or you will regret it, especially during the next month.

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