Aries September 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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Hope you had a relaxing summer because this September kicks in with some challenges that will test your limits and will make you doubt some of the things you know about yourself.

Whether we are talking about moments that you will trigger or situations that will just be thrown upon you, perhaps even without notice, prepare for both your mental and physical endurance to be tested.

Luckily, this month will also prove the great friendship and loyalty of someone close, who, not only will throw a practical hand to help but might even end up supporting you emotionally.

This September starts with the Moon transiting your sign, so you will be given a lot of energy and you will tend to think of what you are doing in a rather creative sense.

On the other hand, you might put personal roadblocks in this creative way of yours, permanently doubting what it is that you are doing.

Be careful this month how you plan your time because you might not be the most punctual person in the world. You definitely don’t want to go in this direction so be considerate towards those who offer their time, no matter how busy you might otherwise be.


TOP TIP of the month: During the second half of the month you might find yourself thinking very passionately about a project at work and you will really wish to give all your best to see that happening.

Some lucky times ahead

The first week of September is under the auspices of Sun opposite Neptune which develops your creative nature. You are all of a sudden more attentive to all sort of details and consider doing or buying things that can beautify your life further.

This transit also puts a highlight on the charitable nature of people, or the exact opposite, so you may be faced with some dilemmas, with regards to the good nature of some friends.

Whilst this might not necessarily be your problem, you will sort of set yourself to investigate and will end up rather surprised with the result. This is not to say that you will give up on your good intentions because this is not the case.

On the contrary, as it will be proven as we move along through the month and near the 9th which debuts the Sun sextile Jupiter aspect, one of luck and relaxation.


Watch out! You will prefer to spend time with your friends and might even end up meeting with new people but you will be rather averse to new and rather judgmental in attitude.

With this aspect going, you might feel as if there is more power on your hands and this of course will change how you view some things at work. There may be a couple of days, especially after the 14th, when you will act in a rather manipulating manner, trying to get people to be on your side.

After the 22nd, when the Mercury trine Mars aspect debuts, you will put a great price on your mental health and on feeling at peace with what you do. You will not rush things as much as you would otherwise.

The only word of caution might refer to negotiations of all sorts on which you might want to keep an eye if they don’t involve you or postpone, if there is some sort of role you have in them.


Enhance! This is a great moment to focus on all sort of educational matters, especially as you are better than ever at paying attention to small details.

Special: Your love life this September

It appears that your romantic life will be under intense planetary activity this September, with genuine occasions of joy.

A harmonious aspect by Mercury with Venus at the start of the month will encourage all sort of communications in couples and during first dates.

It may be that something about the personality of your loved one will be revealed. In the case of dating, people are not really going to talk in the directions of immediate “deal-breakers” but will actually take their sweet time to get to know each other.

With Venus transiting your Eighth house, you can be certain that intimate aspects of your emotional life will be in the spotlight. But don’t worry, this is only if you wish for this to happen.

On the other hand, too much introspection might actually lead to some doubts, toward the middle of the month, when some natives are going to feel like their current relationship is limiting them and there is a risk of sudden break ups because of this, if not, then jealousy and possessiveness are definitely going to be present.

Towards the end of the month, especially after the 23rd, it appears that things are cooling down a bit, meaning that also, the chances of meeting someone special are slim.


Astrological aspect of the month: Mercury square Saturn occurring on the 22nd favours intellectual endeavours and it may be that you are going to be very in tune with what you are capable of so you will prefer to work on your own rather than with others.

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