Aries Weekly Horoscope September 1 to September 7 2014

By Denise on 2014-08-25, 441 views

Let’s see which the prospects are for Aries natives starting with the week September 1 to September 7 2014. The following article will present the Aries weekly horoscope with an Aries forecast including the planetary aspects of the week, how they can affect Aries natives and which the things to do are or not during this week’s time.

This week is going to be quite a working one because during most days the attention of these natives will be mainly focused on work as there will be enough good prospects for them in this regard. Despite the week starting in a more romantic and passionate mind set things will eventually turn around and Arieses will be reaching the weekend more interested in spending time with friends and other people their age.

Aries week September 1- September 7 2014

This week the Sun is still in Virgo, going for the second decan of this zodiac sign. This means that we are all generally influenced to be more orderly and analytical about what is going on. Being practical and realistic about what is going on in their lives will also help Arieses deal with this week risk free.

The Moon has a walk from Scorpio to Aquarius and has so very different meanings for each zodiac signs as we briefly discussed in the first part of the article. There are two important moves to acknowledge this week: Mercury, moving from Virgo to Libra and Venus moving from Leo to Virgo. Mars stays cozy in Scorpio whilst Jupiter relies on Leo for shelter.

Mercury in Virgo might make some people impatient and quick to react, especially when others keep asking them stupid questions or don’t follow their instructions. It’s also the time for the boring and dirty work. Mercury in Libra on the other hand, opens up to other people and has all the time and answers. This time is great for compromise, intellectual challenges but also patience and reliability.

When Venus is in Leo everyone is falling in love or enjoying their love. We are all on top of our game, very proud and magnetic. Great time to love and boast with energy. But the more we get in this respect the more we demand and this might trigger conflict.  Venus moving to Virgo seems to bring some sort of peace and now things are settling, no more great promises and adventures but a lot more stability.

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