Cancer April 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-03-28, 3136 views

The good news is that some kind of positive energy is going to surround you most days during April, meaning that you will naturally take things easier than usual. The bad news is that your emotions will still run havoc and you won’t be able to enjoy all of the above to the full extent.

Some situations you haven’t been in are going to overwhelm you and these are the ones to blame for the lack of balance.

You might be overly excited about what is going on but at the same time you cannot stop but wonder if you’ll be able to succeed or at least appear as if you are on top of things.

Some changes

Your image in the eyes of someone who didn’t really fancy you so far might change and you might be intuitive enough to figure this out early and then try to play your cards right in this direction.

However, this doesn’t mean you should get your hopes too high and make any plans because from this reality to the one that you are imagining there is still a long way.

At the same time, you might feel way too comfortable in the company of your friends around the 10th and usually when you get in this state you tend to talk a lot more than you should.

And of course when you wake up from this period of sugar you start regretting it. So try to be more objective and not fall in love with anyone who gives you a bit of attention. Be more private as it will serve you good. There is enough small talk in the world that you can do to dodge any personal questions but to still appear as friendly.

Love troubles

Venus seems to get your career aligned with your loved life so this either means that you are trying to expand and involve your partner in your endeavors or at least that they are very supportive of your career.

But if it were to interpret things in a different direction, some questions of loyalty might arise and perhaps seduction is in for the run in the office and has you smitten with someone from work. And maybe they are returning your signs and you are in for a sensible situation.

During the second half of the month some natives might be faced with some choices at work, some will even get the chance to change their work place and, who knows, move in a different place and start all over.

Some new priorities

For some natives a question of changing lifestyle entirely, for instance move from a big city to a smaller one or the other way around, might be posed, leaving them with a lot of questions and anguish.

As you are not the one to deal with existential problems on your own, the kind words of your family will help you out, at least by keeping you on a high point.

If this occurs at the same time with a busy period from work, you are bound to spend several days in this haze as you won’t’ have time to really focus on either.

At work on the other hand you have to be very careful not to miss any deadlines because then it will be very difficult for you to make up for the lost time. And at the same time you don’t want to be on the wrong side of your superiors either.

Passionate times

Love life agenda will be even more hectic if you have yet to find your partner but don’t expect this month to bring real prospects. Although by the looks of it, you might be swept of your feet by someone new around the 20th.

Don’t judge without knowing but at the same time don’t hurry head first into making up scenarios or believing whatever is being said to you. Those not willing to listen to this are in for a harsh disappointment but the way they got into it, they will exit it, perhaps even stronger.

Saturn is not really bringing good news in terms of health so this is another area you should protect yourself.

It’s not like your prone to accidents or similar but more about internal ailments, some you might have been brewing for a while, that will surface during the second half of the month. You can make things easier at least by keeping a healthy lifestyle without excesses.

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