Cancer April 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-03-26, 3337 views

It seems that this April will provide you with all you need to continue your hard work, especially if this is headed towards making your dreams come true. This means that your family is very supportive of what you do and even your friends tend to throw in a helping hand.

Some days you might not feel up to doing too many things but instead of being critical about yourself and blaming your attitude, you should use these days to come in contact with your thoughts.

The sooner you understand that you also need to get rest, the easier things are going to be for yourself. This is a month of travel as well, for some natives, this actually comes unexpectedly but nonetheless they are quite quick to embrace the change of scenery.

What you want

During the first week of the month you might find yourself exactly in the middle of the events and on one hand you will enjoy the spotlight and actually make everything in your power to take advantage of it while on the other, you will be quite reluctant in showing others how you feel.

This also throws some question marks in regards to how you feel, especially because you don’t really want to show your emotions to those around. You are expecting praise but you don’t even want to think about any potential criticism.

Around the 8th, some natives might get the chance to win a contest or something similar and this will strengthen their belief that they can do a lot of things. Unfortunately, this victory will only be short lived.

Throwing yourself out there

Around the 10th, there will be a lot of passion boiling inside you as Mercury goes retrograde and this means you will want to change things around and dream big.

Luckily, given the way things are arranged, it seems that you will actually have the time to dream with your eyes open. You might be interrupted by a friend asking for help but this will be recorded by you as a sign that is time to do something useful.

You will get so very involved in their problem, perhaps too involved. This will help them but will also help you learn an important lesson or do some research in regard to a situation that you might come across in life as well.

Some natives will have to put a little bit more effort to come to a solution and might fight with some nasty thoughts about giving up but they don’t want to let their friend down.

Your priorities

During the second half of the month you will have plenty of initiatives around the house but some of them will actually be quite short lived because you won’t invest enough energy in them or you will replace them with another bold idea, before you see them to completion.

Your partner may actually get quite confused with what you do and while at first they will be positive about all what is going on, the enthusiasm will eventually wear off.

You should count this in because it speaks volume about your relationship and how much attention you offer to your partner.

You will be quick to form alliances with other members of the family even if this doesn’t necessarily favor you, just to prove your point on the short term.

A bit about work

Work is going to come in your way around the 20th and it seems that what will bring with it, may cause you a headache. Luckily, there are some secret weapons you can use, perhaps some work you have previously prepared.

You are trying to create a comfortable space in the office as well and this might raise some eyebrows but as long as you are doing your job, no one can say anything about this. A certain task might challenge you and this will mean that you either learn to do it or give up.

Tiny breaks will help with your focus and although they may seem unproductive, you are actually winning against feeling tired and make better progress. You are flexible when it comes to other’s breaks but not so much about yours.

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