Cancer April 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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Hard work coupled with a polite and humble attitude are going to ensure you are overcoming any obvious obstacles this April. Your schedule will be very busy but, somehow, you will manage it all.

Unlike other occasions, you will tend to be emotionally strong throughout some challenges as work and this will instill a sense of power in yourself.

This is a great month for all sort of meetings and for travel and may end up with some important locative changes for you.

During the second half, you may feel as if you are not achieving the right balance between the attention you give to your career and your personal life but it seems that this is only a feeling on the surface, triggered by different frustrations you may harbor.

Deep inside, you appear to be rather content with your choices and are prepared to stand by them, should they be questioned or criticized by anyone. The Moon is definitely on your side and will help you channel your emotions towards practical endeavors and towards obtaining real results.

You may want to keep in mind that this April, spontaneous behavior can be both your friend and your biggest enemy, depending on the setting, your goals and those surrounding you.


Enhance! Professional accomplishments that you seem to be seeking with keenness this April will only surface through collective effort so you will need to do whatever it takes to ensure you integrate in your team.

Challenges at work

The first rule of this April is to be diplomatic and to not let your impulsivity stand in the way of developing good relationships, especially with people who you are just getting to know. The Sun in Aries offers you both energy and a tendency to want everything on the spot.

Under the Mercury square Mars disposition, the first week of April will be one of actions that appear rushed but whom have long been considered. You are going to appear charming and attractive but this is also very studied.

You may sense some open hostility, perhaps at work, but you will take this as a challenge for you to ignore it and just move on with your plans.

Don’t let this interfere with the way you communicate your thoughts and with how much effort you invest in your work. Some natives will need to think twice before they speak but this is it.

An unexpected change of mind on behalf of someone close will brighten up your day, possibly on the 7th and this will be followed by your need to travel, not very far though.

The Solar Eclipse on the 8th will ensure that you are placed where the action is, perhaps you will be invited to party with someone important.


Watch out! Misunderstandings and confusions may pester some days this month but at the end, when it will be time to draw the line, you may reach the conclusions that you haven’t been very concise, responsible nor decided, yourself.

Genuine thoughts needed

Between the 15th and the 19th, Venus will form an opposing aspect with Jupiter that will greatly control how you manifest in your romantic life. You will leave work matters aside to seek for love and affection, this likely becoming the only objective of this period for single natives.

You may want to be cautious though because there is also a risk of lowering standards and then feeling dissatisfied with your choice.

Under the Full Moon in Aries occurring on the 16th, you will feel that you are worthy of praise and will be more present in the social world, showcasing your numerous talents.

Should you do this with genuine thoughts in mind, there are chances to be in the right place at the right time and be remarked, otherwise, if you are simply preparing a publicity like stunt, don’t expect any extraordinary results.

Moving away from the Full Moon you will come under the Sun conjunct Uranus aspect, one that may threaten your financial stability, hence the need to go back to work, but which will also show you that there is no need to fear the unknown.


TOP TIP of the month: The Full Moon on the 30th will bring a rollercoaster of emotions in your life and may also signal the recognition of feelings you have recently developed. You will be so surprised that you won’t even know when Cupid’s arrow hit you.

A positive atmosphere

Between the 19th and the 23rd you will be positively glowing, taking all that life has to offer with optimism and a sense that you belong to something bigger.

It may be that you are holding your breath because you are just experiencing the first steps of a new relationship, and with the Sun moving in the eleventh house, you are all about showing how positive and philosophical you are.

Or it may be that a newly found source of income is proving you the biggest sense of satisfaction. The only caveat here is that you will require proper planning, perhaps even the support of a specialist.

On a similar note, you will need to involve your colleagues in a domestic plan of yours, perhaps because you will need advice from someone who’s been in a similar situation.

Your ambitions are running high under the Mars conjunct Pluto aspect and it would be a shame to put a stop to this because you are not sure where to be headed.

Aside from advice, it may be that around the 21st, you will be prompted to seek a bit of medical help, perhaps in a matter that has been causing you trouble for a long time. Make sure you get a proper night’s rest before any tests you may need to undertake.


Astrological aspect of the month: The Sun trine Saturn aspect will bring you in the spotlight towards the very last days of April. Strong work ethics and ambitions are going to be celebrated, perhaps with a little too much ostentation.

Time for minor drama

With Mars in opposition to your sign throughout April no wonder a tense air will surround you and you will feel this aggressiveness in yourself. You can move away from this pessimism inducing influence through meditation and through reminding yourself of your recent accomplishments.

Around the 25th, you will probably not resist to question authority and you will be surprised by the eloquence you will do this with.

You will have the occasion to meet up with people from all walks of life and will use their advice to prove your point.

There will be another moment, this end of April, when you will be very opinionated, this time in a domestic episode.

On the 29th, under the influence of the Full Moon in Scorpio, you will be reminded of something you didn’t get the chance to do recently and will try to blame this on the first close person coming up.

Depending on who the lucky person is, your charade will be more or less successful. In any case, you may end up feeling rather bad for your behaviour and will try to make amends. Should you learn that there is no time for such games, this will be enough.

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