Cancer April 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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This month, the stars will help Cancer natives develop their communication skills. In addition, you will not lack determination and confidence in yourself. You can your skills in various fields, so don’t be afraid to try your hand at something new, if and when the occasion arises.

April also brings success in sports. For example, now is the perfect time to start a diet and do something for you if you want a change.

You are willing this month to seek love, and not to wait for it as you have done in the past. You know what you want from a partner, so you will know exactly where to go.

It will not be easy and you may not find what you want too soon, but it's very important not to stop. If you are already engaged in a relationship, focus on romance, open communication and intellectual stimulation.

Good news is announced professionally and financially in April, you have a great chance of evolving and increasing your income. To succeed, you need to make a radical change in the way you approach work or the business you are involved in.

Whether it's about team building or group work, it is certain that things cannot continue the way they are now. Even if it is difficult, the efforts will be worth it!

April highlights

The time has come to make that personal move you have been planning for so long. Around the 5th of April, when the New Moon in Aries lights up your home of fame and honour, you have the best chance of fulfilling your dream!

Mars is also involved in this disposition, a sign that it will also be about a political competition or complication. You are not the kind to back away from the challenges, so go ahead with courage! Expect important achievements!

After a few weeks of maximum work concentration, you will feel the need to relax. To your joy, the Full Moon in Scorpio of April 20 will bring you one of the most romantic nights of the year.

Jupiter and Uranus will be around as well, so it was not even possible for a team of brighter protectors for what will surely be a tandem and passionate meeting, whether you are a single or committed native.

Between the 19th and the 29th, the stars encourage you to travel - you have some opportunities to just go, so do your luggage and choose a place that you have longed to see. Get your lover and get on the road!

Around the same period, be mindful of who you are meeting because you might get the chance to impress someone of great social standing. Be your charming self but with a dose of diplomacy and make sure you don’t underestimate or dismiss anyone.

Some natives may have to find some lack of confidence and a bit of imposter’s syndrome, especially if things are going well for them and they have proven they are doing a great job at something they love doing.

Cancer love horoscope for April

This April, you may notice that your relationship with your partner is unusually cool or even on the verge conflict. It is not excluded that other priorities appear in your life, and the couple's relationship requires you to make some sacrifices, perhaps, too big. The outcome solely depends on you what you choose to put first.

The need for love is now more ardent as the stars will stimulate from all directions, some days helping you to be bolder and more in tune with your emotions, other days, prompting a complete haze in your mind.

Those who are experiencing the early stages of a romance are kinder to everyone around them and seem to be on their best behaviour. But this is just the enthusiasm speaking in them. They will likely temper themselves towards the end of the month.

Some may also find that some days in the relationship follow some well-known patterns and they will not really know how to get out of this kind of mental routine.

Around the 20th, some discussions may occur and although they may seem very serious, not many conclusions will be drawn out of them.

April brings even more emotional load when your desire for freedom and joy with your loved one no longer supports postponement, and you will be rather distracted with work and any domestic chores because of this.

Career progress this month

Expect some activity in this area of your life as the New Moon in Aries on the 5th takes place right in your house of career and professional success. Your reputations will be boosted, and so will your energy.

Some natives will have the luck to enter a new stage professionally or may encounter a big life decision. But things do not move as fast as you want and that is ok. You shouldn’t force anything to happen and should allow yourself some planning time.

This April should also be a time of healing and meditation, a time for you to take to think about your plans ahead, especially as even the planet of action and impulsivity, Mars, is in your twelfth house.

On top of this, Jupiter is also retrograde from the 10th, so as a consequence, the occupational plan would rather be a period of review and reassessment, rebuilding long-term strategies, reorganization of work, or even prospecting the labor market to change the job.

It could help you retrain, but also choose volunteer work, charity activities or promoting the rights of those who cannot defend themselves.

These altruistic gestures, loaded with love and compassion, could make you more visible on the social scene than anything else. This is how unexpected opportunities can arise at a professional level.

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